Monday, January 18, 2010

When all the smart people have left the country

Here's a fact on what's happening in Malaysia - those who can afford to seek greener pastures outside the country, they will leave soonest possible. Everyone knows that developed countries are in great need of great minds, so those who think they can make the cut, will definitely try their luck. I don't blame these people for choosing a greener grass. After all at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal survival. If you know your skills and talent will earn you AT LEAST MYR3,500 a month overseas while locally you'll only be paid MYR1,200 MAX - why not go for the bigger pay, right? However, those that are left behind to graze the dull brown grass is what I'm worried about.

Below is a scene my hubby took from a playground in a rest stop along the highway. The "engineer" who designed the playground has some kind of worrying knowledge in the most basic things - the alphabets. Firstly, A and B is missing from the playground. Secondly, the sequence of alphabets is wrong - how can E be after C and before D?!

From left I analyzed. C block had a picture of Crab. E was a picture of an Elephant. The creature for D looked like a mosquito. But after a little extra thinking, I realized it was either a dragon fly or damselfly! H was really hilarious. I can't make a thought of what kind of horned four-legged animal would fit the bill for the letter H. By the looks of it, any adult would automatically think of a rhinoceros... but rhino starts with R not H. My hubby asked if it could mean hippo - but mind you, that image is very far from describing a hippo! 

If such idiot can create a playground, I think I am well over qualified to be prime minister!

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