Saturday, January 9, 2010

When Busy is good

It's the weekends and I'm still busy with many things especially my pre-wedding photo book. I've submitted my photo book draft to the studio for a first round of feedback. It was not completed as I have 6 more blank pages to fill... I know that 6 pages is not a lot. But when the inspiration is all dried up, I can't even think for ONE page! Anyway, they were impressed - something they have not seen before.I had mixes of good and bad feed back. The bad part mostly points out to my weak photoshop skills and bad sense of 3D effect in order to make the primary picture stands out from the background picture.

We were at the studio for almost 3 hours. But more than half the time was spent on small talk and sharing ideas. Below is one montage I've created with the pictures from our photo shoot. But not every single picture is there though... Anyway, I'm back at the drawing board with more inspirations. And this only means I will not be able to update my blog until sometime next week.

Happy Weekend everybody!


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A small thought,
A simple sentence
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