Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chai Leng Park, Penang - Lok Lok Heaven

For many years Chai Leng Park is well known for their hawker stalks. One particular food that is commonly associated with Chai Leng Park is lok-lok. Lok-lok is like steamboat but the food is skewered onto sticks and the hot pot is actually a communal cooking pot where everyone dips their food in. I wouldn't get too worried about sharing bacteria because this cooking pot is kept boiling and water is refilled every now and then.
Most of the stalls operate by the road side and it isn’t really appealing to customers who set hygiene as a top priority. There is however one particular man who owns two stalls – one by the road side and another in a proper shop lot - Sim Corner Lok Lok. Surprisingly, there is no price difference between his road side stall and the shop lot!

An abundance of choices ranging from vegitables to sea food. The price for each stick is based on the color codes on the stem - colorless at MYR0.50 each, black at MYR1.00, red is MYR1.20 and the most expensive are the yellows and blues at MYR 1.50 each.

At a glance, there isn't anything special with lok-lok. Which is probably why there are over 10 competitors in this small area. But what sets this particular store apart is it's special sauce. 6 different sauce to test your taste buds. Personally, I only go for the sweet sour sauce because it's the only non-spicy sauce - perfect for the little ones too. For those who love spicy you have 5 choices - sambal, peanut (aka satay sauce), pound onions and I forgot the other two sauces. (sorry! gomenasai! minta maaf! 对不起!)
Ever since my hubby got the Panasonic GH1 it has been an eye opening experience for us. The response of restaurant owners towards us are incredible. The owner of Sim Corner Lok-Lok encourage my hubby to walk around their little store and take as many pictures we want. That 60 year old man knows how to promote his store. I'm not the first person to blog about this cheerful man and his 10 year old trade. His grand daughter has shown him some websites and blogs putting a few good words for this family owned business. At the end of the day, it's a win win situation. My hubby gets to take pictures and sharpen his photography skills, I get constant subjects to blog about AND the owner gets free advertising!

And everyone Eats Hapilly Ever After.


  1. Oh my goodness, this looks so delicious! Your post made me hungry. I'm happy, too ^_^.

  2. (^_^)

    I have thought of doing lok-lok at home. But it's troublesome and requires plenty of time to skew the food onto sticks.


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