Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seeing Red over Wedding Blues

As my so-called wedding day draws near, temperature starts to rise – literally. It has not been raining for the past few weeks and according to the national Met-Geo department, it’s going to stay that way until the change of monsoon winds in later months. And I don’t think that will sink in very well with many people because when temperature rises, tempers will flair faster than you can throw a flaming match stick on a pile of kerosene soaked leaves.

Of late there have been many questions about my preparation for my “big day”. The majority who asked was only asking for the sake of asking. And I truly thank them for their kind thoughtful gestures… you know who you are, I don’t have to spell out your name. However, there is a hand full of wizards and witches who tried to cast a spell or two into my wedding broth. At this point, any opinion given will not make a big deal as most of the job is done and decisions decided. YET, there are some who thinks they can use CTRL-Z (Undo) on anything that’s not to their liking.

I don't understand why can't the bridal couple make arrangements for their own wedding and everyone else just comply quietly. Unless the couple makes ridiculous demands and absurd wishes forcing parental intervention which of course is another case all together. Modern children would find most of the traditional ceremonies "outdated" and worse still, over priced. Look at the modern stuffs on the Internet. Anything sold with the word "Wedding" on it gets a price boost of 50% more. Good for supplier, bad for customer. So why compel to outdated procedures when it's nothing more than a waste of money?

Secondly, no body likes to be compared, not even siblings. But I guess this a common practice for desperate housewives who have nothing better to do. From dowry to banquets, everything gets scrutinized and compared who is generous and who is stingy. On a personal note, there is no need to compare because everyone's economic status is different! So no matter how you look at it, an apple can never match an orange. Even twins are not exactly the same.

Thirdly, everyone is different, so their beliefs are not the same, right? If not everyone believes the same thing, why bother convincing the non-believers? I'm not a religious fanatic nor am I superstitious. So why try to convince me that by doing a certain action, I would be guaranteed a happy marriage? Isn't a happy marriage the results of hard work from two people? If one believes that praying to God(s) and deities guarantees a lifetime of happiness, by all means, I will not make any statement regarding your belief and you are free to practice your beliefs. BUT if you think you can persuade me into believing it, I will have no mercy in criticizing questioning your belief. I have no means to insult but when it comes to personal preference, please respect others. However, if your belief includes something solid like "sex is good for marriage" then I'll agree with you whole heartedly.

Whatever it is, I'm currently on ignoring mode. Ignoring comments, suggestions and any statement related to my wedding. It's probably the only way to keep my sanity without unleashing my wrath and put this entire event to an eternal halt...


  1. I hope everything will go on smooth as planned. The diffusion of traditional ceremonies with the modern thoughts of young couples has always been very complicated. The older generation has beliefs, which have been applied for decades or even centuries. Not following them results in fear. Some of this might make no sense to us, but trying to understand the elders' feelings can make their behavior more reasonable. It is in one or another way an act of love. I'm sure you'll come up with something in the middle. Wishing you all the patience and strength you need, my dear :)

  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom my dear friend.

    The funny thing about this entire scenario is that the person who made the loudest noise is a distant relative. Those closest to us have no objection to our thoughts in keeping things simple.



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