Friday, February 26, 2010

Toying with Greed : Part 2.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
It's been over 2 months since I've posted about the Coke SMS scam I've received but there is no word from from the Fraser & Neave Holdings (Malaysia). It's anyone's guess why they have not reply.

I checked my Feedjit and was quite surprised to find that many had found my previous post - Toying with Greed via Google. At average, it's one search a week. So there's a constant flow of people actually typing "DT2547" in Google's search engine. Based on the information provided by Feedjit, this search is mainly made by those from Peninsular Malaysia. So I'm guessing that this only involves Malaysians. Has anyone fallen victim? I hope not. Anyway, as long as this SMS is going around in circulation, I won't be surprise if there will be a constant search for these two blog post on Toying with Greed.

In addition to the Coke scam there's another scam I received too. A local health beverage company Power Root was abused by these greedy individuals. The message was sent by a local mobile number +60178951240 with the following message: -

TAHNIAH No.SIM-card anda telah terpilih dlm undian & B'jaya Menangi Hadiah RM10.000.00'dr; Prm. POWER ROOT NO.Siri_f2e57c Utk maklmt Hub; +6012 819 2760 MOHD.ISKANDAR

which translated to English would read as follow: -

CONGRATULATIONS. Your sim card is selected in a vote and you have won MYR10,000.00 prize from Power Root. Serial number f2e57c. For information contact +60128192460 [person name] Mohd Iskandar

I will constantly update this post with phone numbers of these unscrupulous individuals for the world to see.

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