Monday, February 1, 2010

When you hire idiots - Another Maxis Rant

This is going to be one merciless rant.

I've been using Maxis Broadband for over one year and been paying promptly via my Mac Book (all bill payments have been done via my hubby's beautiful Mac. So for the past one week, I've been trying to pay my bills but my Small White a.k.a MacBook cannot find their payment server (When the error "Cannot find Server" shows, it means there's something wrong with THE BLOODY SERVER! Either the server is turned off or it has been overloaded with transactions OR there's a limit in user access thus we have to queue). So I called Maxis to lodge a complaint on their server.

Mana tau, that IDIOT on the other end of the line says there is nothing wrong with their server and it's my MAC's problem! And I should call Mac instead. It's like saying, there's no electricity to my house and I should call the housing developer! When there is no electricity, it means I have to call the electricity supply company and find out what's wrong (in Malaysia it's known as TNB) Why the heck should I call the housing developer?! Gosh! Talk about idiots to the extreme end.(Or maybe he didn't know I'm a computer science graduate so he thought he can try to make a fool of me...tsk!)

I guess this is what happens when most of the smart people have left the country and the majority of those left are the idiots and dumbbells...

P.S I just tried to access via Firefox from my PC... guess what? "Request time out" Meaning there's no response from their server. So don't just jump the gun and say I should try other browsers and OS. Because I JUST DID AND IT DID NOT WORK!


  1. I had the same experience with my previous Internet provider. It really bothers, especially when you are bound by a certain contract. May be that's the answer to give for complaining customers... Hope your problem will be solved soon, my dear. Have a blessed week.

  2. I hope so too my dear friend...

    Have a good week.


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