Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abortions - an impromptu lesson at school

For many years now the government has been debating about allowing sex education to be thought it school. Many countries has done it but the number of pre-marital sex has not decrease. To add salt into injury, children born out of wedlock, child abandonment and abortion cases seems to be on the rise.

The biggest concern are the teachers as most of them would feel embarrassed. Only a hand full of brave teachers who would magically hide their blushing faces and attack the subject head on.Of my experience in 4 secondary schools in a span of 7 years (yes we travel allot), I only saw 3 of such teachers.

The most memorable teacher is my biology teacher for Form 4 and 5 (forth and fifth year in secondary school). I can't remember which year was it, but it was one lesson that even the boys had their eyes virtually gorged out because we never saw such anger in her before. That very morning, she walked into class with a papaya in hand. Her face was obviously furious as though she wanted to throw the papaya at us. But since there was no test or exams prior to this lesson, I knew (at least) it wasn't my fault or my classmates. She took out a knife from the preparation room and sliced the papaya horizontally like the image below.

Curious, we edged closer to her to find out what she plans to show us. "Now listen" she said. "Imagine this papaya is a woman's womb. And the seeds represents the placenta and embryo." She then took a spatula and started to scrape the seeds out while describing how doctors perform abortion. She later end the subject by reminding us girls that if we do not want to endure such unnecessary pain, it's best we keep our legs closed.

Stunted, baffled, shock and speechless. That was the only respond we could provide her after her 15 minutes presentation. Back then we weren't so hooked to the Internet so we didn't know that THIS procedure was actually an ancient practice performed by doctors during our great-grandmother's era. In modern times they have other alternatives to keep the injury to a minimum, like medicines to induce the woman to menstruate.

After class I approach the teacher to ask why the sudden topic of  abortion. According to her one of her students from another class got pregnant and is now in a limbo. For religious reasons she cannot abort the child yet she is unprepared to be a mother. A mistake committed by two people but only one suffers. The only reason why my teacher had to go through this abortion subject with all the students is because she does not want to see another similar problem repeating and end up creating some unhealthy trend.

But that was something that happened almost 10 years ago. Today I still read similar stories in the papers and it doesn't seem to end. With or without such subject being thought in school, it still happens. The only solution I see is how parents bring up their children....


  1. Great post, Waileng! We really have to underline this topic. I hope that the future generation has a better understanding about sex education to prevent miserable situations like that.

  2. I really do hope so too. That's why I love to read - knowledge can save us from many kinds of trouble.


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