Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Childhood - Doing what you could not

Since this is my 100th post, I'm going to make this something a little special. Remember when you were a kid and mom is super strict with whatever you do (or at least wished to do)? Well last Friday was a public holiday and my hubby was out with the boys leaving me home alone. It was my request to be left alone so I can spend some "me" time with the telly. In the end, I actually came up with some "fun" activities doing things my mom would never allow me to do - as a child.
  • Eating peach straight from the can
    As a child, mom never allow any of us to eat anything straight from the can or whatever container the food came in. We have to pour it all into a bowl, divide into equal portion and take only one share. For once today, I had the entire can to myself. 
  • TV meal.
    Dad has never approve of TV dinner - for obvious reasons. Mom would cling on to her Chinese TV series like an addict just for "45-minutes of boost".
  • Super unbalanced meal
    When I was a kid, all my meals are like the food group pyramid. Plenty of vegetables, rice, some meat and fruits after each meal. This time I had the luxury of eating the entire can of peach for breakfast, burger for lunch and miso-udon for dinner! 
  • Running around the house in pajamas
    Yup. I've committed the age-old crime of wearing my PJs for almost the entire day.
Even though it was fun to break all rules, there was a downside. The unbalance diet gave me an upset stomach. Watching too much telly gave me headaches and lying around the house like a corps didn't make it any better. Did I enjoy it? Well, at first yes but by the end of the day I wished I didn't do it. So will I do it again? Most unlikely...


    1. Wait till you move into your own home! You'll be tempted to do what I did.



    2. Hello Wai Leng, First of all, congratulations on your 100th posting. Well done, outstanding! Keep it up.
      I enjoyed reading your this eloquent posting. And yes, our moms are special.
      Once awhile I come across a nice well written blog, and yours is one of them.
      Can see you have the gentle charms of a lovely Penang lady.

      Incidentally, I love Penang, the Isle in the sun and of my many memories.
      A lot of my postings have been about Penang. Sure love the food, Gurney drive, driving around Penang Island on moonlight nights, ahemmm, with a sarong kebaya SYT (sweet young thing) beside me in an open sports car.
      The lovely, gentle Penang Hokkien spoken by Penang girls.

      My Mom became religious because of me, but I guess in the end her prayers were answered....I did not end up in jail, now had a career in crime, and I don't mean the police force.
      You have a nice day, stay young and keep a song in your heart. Best regards and oh yes, have a great Tiger year, Lee.

    3. What a great way to spend a day! Even if you did have to pay for it later, at least now you know everything you were missing out on!

    4. Congrats on your 100th post, my dear :)! Thanks for being a wonderful friend and adding more color to my life through your blogging. Wishing you even more great moments to share. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love being in my PJ's, too. Have a wonderful day.

    5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I feel encouraged to continue blogging.


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