Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour - I didn't participate (techinically)

Last Saturday was Earth Hour but I don't know if I consider myself participating to this event. Dear hubby and I had an appointment with a friend an hours drive away. So between 8.30-9.30 we were actually on the road. For security reasons, some lights were left on. But we used energy saving light bulbs (^_^)

There wasn't much of a difference to those who stayed in rural areas. Most of them carried on with their lives as if Earth Hour does not exist. Of the many houses near where I stayed, only one family actively participated.

Businesses in the town were running as usual and some late night eateries still at their best trying to out bright their competitors with spot lights and neon signs. Whether there was any participation from any local business is uncertain. But one thing I'm sure is the sky is still bright even though it was already 12am!


  1. Earth hour, i dint participate :(
    was outside having dinner at a restaurant and everything was like normal...

  2. I guess it's not very popular with small towns like ours. So they don't find much of a need to participate.


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