Thursday, March 4, 2010

I was ALMOST on TV

Two days ago, news of local Member of Parliament Tan Tee Beng has quit People's Justice Party or Parti Keadilan Rakyat to become an Independent MP. A local TV station sent out it's reporters to interview some local folks regarding this issue - which turned out to be quite amusing... at least for me, it was.

Three young chap approached the local folks asking some basic questions. Once their random candidate fit their target group, the camera boy(partially hidden) began rolling and the microphone boy(in green striped T-shirt) began asking question. The third chap(with backpack) was holding a handy cam trying the fit the camera boy, mic boy and the interviewee into his little camcorder; for internal use I guess. All three of them looked like interns.

The open air eatery is usually a hangout for elders especially after lunch hours. We were coincidentally there because it was a rest day for our regular lunch place. Anyway, the trio approached us and mic boy asked if we knew about the local MP quitting PKR to be an independent MP. I said I knew about it from online news portal while my hubby pretend to be ignorant (he's camera shy) and said he knew nothing. The mic boy then asked if I was a local which lead me to reply with a glee "Nope, I'm from the capital". He was sure disappointed that he could not nail a young interviewee. But who could blame him where most people my age would either be in school, at work or home because it's 3pm in the afternoon! So mic boy and his two camera buddies had to scroll the entire market asking questions at old folks who looked like they couldn't care less which party the MP belonged to.

On the political side, I'm not interested either. Who belongs to which party doesn't really matter much as long as they do their job in helping the people. However to me, politicians equates to dishonestly, corruption and greed. So I have very little hope towards whoever that sits up there. At most during election time, I'll only think of "giving others a chance"... And since I wasn't involved in voting this man to represent this community, I lost my 30 seconds of "fame" (^_^)


  1. LOL. That was so close! I share your political opinion and hope that it will get better in the future.

  2. Never mind, let's make fame other ways! Politicians have to work hard to gain the people's trust and respect before we vote for them. So, get to work!!

  3. On the other hand, I guess it can be counted as a blessing in disguise because I wasn't really looking my best - no makeup, messy hair and dressed only in T-shirt and track bottoms. (^_^)


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