Monday, March 15, 2010

Paid to sleep or sleeping on the job?

When one works for long hours, one tends to opt for 40 winks during break time. Even I would sometimes take a short nap in the office. But how do you take a nap when you work in an F&B outlet and there is no proper rest room or staff room? Do you just flop on the table like a dead fish for the world to see?

I have no objection to these girls taking a nap – IF it is their break time, of course. But shouldn’t they at least wear a jacket or some sort to cover up their uniforms? Wearing a jacket over your uniform is a sign that one is off duty or having a break. But when you are NOT covering your uniform, it shows that you are STILL on the job. It makes me wonder what kind of work culture they have at this particular workplace especially when they are seen in their uniform slopped on the table like an over exhausted walrus! No offense, but when a company’s image is on the line, this is just bad.

But if you think this is bad, I’ve actually seen worse. At another fast food joint, I saw with my own eyes a staff washing her hands from the drink dispenser machine! Imagine how shocked this girl was when I was staring at her from a distance and a camera in my hand! Well, fortunately for her I left the lens cap on so the only picture I took was a blacken image. I guess when one has no sense of pride in one’s work; they’ll definitely do weird stuffs to their whim and fancies…


  1. We seem to have a lack of dedication in many fields nowadays. I really don't know why?

  2. Maybe the carrot (rewards) isn't big enough? But on the other hand, no matter how big the carrot may be, there are people who thinks it is never big enough...

  3. Yup, some people have become very greedy and lazy these days.


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