Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sales gimmick for the greedy

Sometime two weeks ago, there was a new company set up in one of the newly completed shop lots.
At the sight of the sign board, it's obviously another company selling health supplements. On their opening day, the entire housing area was jammed pack with peoples and cars! It's a good thing dear hubby and I overslept till late noon - totally avoided the crowd. Later I got word from my mother-in-law that they were giving out free packets of brown rice on that day. A typical gimmick to bait potential customers. In the coming weeks I was told they will continue giving out free gifts on condition you listen to their health seminar. Those who want freebies have to queue up at their store front and they have their seminar time tables listed at their doorstep for those who are interested.

So every morning (for the past two weeks, except on weekends) people will queue outside the store creating this huge crow, thus slowing down traffic to a snail's pace for those curious busy bodies who were eager to know what's going on inside. What goes on in there, I don't know. My MIL didn't want to listen to such things because she knows there's nothing special about this particular company compared to the hundreds of other similar companies selling health supplements.

Anyway, I may be Curious George at times but not greedy. So instead of queuing up like the rest of those housewives and house-husbands, I Googled the company and TA-DA! A dot com selling health supplements. From royal jelly to Spirulina and other what-nots. Since it's available on their site, I've made a little price list of some of their products for you to gawk

Royal Jelly 1 set of six bottles (6 X 60 grams) RM 1620.00 (approx. USD497)
Plant Enzyme 1 bottle (175 g) RM 883.00 (approx. USD266)
Bee Pollen 1 bottle (300 tablets) RM 420.00 (approx. USD126)
Bio Grain (a.k.a mixed grains beverage) 1 bottle (500g) RM 235.00 (approx. USD80)
Longan Nectar (honey) 1 kg RM 98.00 (approx. USD30)
Spirulina tablets 1 set 3 bottles (3* 400's ) RM 796.00 (approx USD240)

Now I don't care if this is their so called "non-member's" price or not - one thing for sure, its blood sucking expensive. Business wise it's definitely profiteering because you literally cut out the middle men. The headquarters imports the products and distributes to their branches - the middle men (in this case the retail stores) are left out giving these companies a bigger slice of the cake. I have friends who worked with similar places previously and the staffs price for most supplements is only 25% of the published rates. That leaves a whooping 75% of profit between the company and the sales agents! So for every 100 dollars spent, only 25 dollars goes to the product while the rest is nothing more but profits. No wonder these companies are mushrooming all over the country, and even rural areas are not spared...


  1. Yup, we have them here too. I think people should keep in mind that almost nothing goes really for free these days, except if it's a social event. That is a very expensive list there!

  2. Yes, it is very very expensive. It only takes one word to make the face value of the product so expensive - ORGANIC.

    It makes it sound that other food we eat is actually synthetic materials. (^_^)

  3. ask them to rob better weih~~~

  4. Well, I know you don't like these stuffs either. But as long as there's people who believes in such things, then there will be people out there who will sell them.

    The only thing we can do about it, is to stay away from them and hope they go bankrupt soon. And make sure our families don't get involved (^_^)


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