Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Things that are uncommon or unusual very often becomes the "appetizer" in any conversation. But what is common to you maybe uncommon to others.

In November year my hubby bought me a book of sudoku puzzle. 1250 puzzles in a book the size of Oxford Dictionary. It's been following me where ever I go - the office, at the workshop (a.k.a the car hospital) where dear hubby goes regularly to visit his beloved track car and sometimes at home. What surprises me most is not many people know about sudoku. In the past 6 months or so, out of all those who asked about this book, only two people knew the name of the game. Now let's take the assumption that those who never asked are neutral - half know and half don't. But those who DID ASK about that thick mammoth book either they never read the news papers or are illiterate!

Most of them who asked thought I was studying mathematics - just because they saw me filling those blanks with numbers.Only two out of the many people who asked knew the game and how to play it. The most intriguing part isn't about these two who also knew this game is available daily in all major newspapers but those who didn't know sudoku. The most hilarious question was this particular guy - about 30 plus years old asking me for today's special number. I was baffled there a moment pondering what on Earth sudoku has to do with lottery? Then it struck me in the head! Hard core lottery players each have their own funny way of predicting the jackpot numbers and that particular guy thought my sudoku book was MY method of calculating my lottery number!Good HEAVENS!

I'm neither a gambler nor do I buy lottery because I find it a waste of money. But on the other hand, how can I blame this guy for thinking I was calculating daily lottery numbers when my skin color is notorious for gambling....


  1. how to calculate from sudoku?
    add up all the numbers and you still get the same value.

    unless there's a special formula to be applied which i'm not aware off.

  2. I have no idea...

    Maybe I should have asked that dude to calculate it. Who knows, he might just add up the left block, subtract the sum of the middle block and multiply the sum of the right block!

    LOL~! (^_^)

  3. LOL. I don't think that this dude could give you an answer. If he knew the maths, he would know that playing lottery is mostly against the odds ;).

  4. Very true Rosidah. If he CAN count, he'll definitely know the odds of striking the jackpot.


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