Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Invasions of Photographers

Last Sunday we were invited the last minute to join a little get together at Penang's Botanical Gardens to test out Panasonic Lumix series lenses by a friend who is also a sale rep from Panasonic. It turned out that we weren't the only ones having a little gathering there. A Buddhist society have organized a photo shoot session for enthusiast.  When Hubby Dan and I arrived, I felt intimidating to see a horde of 50-or-so people loitering near the entrance. All with a camera in their hands. While they chatter away, I joined hubby for a little "warm up" session and snapped on some flowers blooming nearby.

When our friend arrived, we wasted no time in testing out the goodies he brought along. Among them include a macro lens
And fish eye lens or wide angle lens. Which was used to create the big head effect.

But the highlight of the day isn't about us or the lenses actually. It was the fun of watching this group of enthusiast who moved about like paparazzi. The reason? Well, we later found out that the event coordinator had invited 3 beauties to pose as models. Of the 3 one was significantly attractive making everyone to follow her where ever she went. Across the park...
into the jungle...
over the bridge...
until there was no where to go!

Who's Fault is it anyway?

Last month I began working on the invitation cards. I had 3 invitations to work on. The first one was for my family's event in PJ, the second involves the twin boys here in Nibong Tebal on June 5th and the third invitation is for my sister-in-law's family some 3 weeks later.

I drafted the initial copy and emailed it to my younger brother to proof read and make the necessary changes. He changed a few words here and there, and added an RSVP at the bottom. Sounds normal right? But little did we know that the RSVP my dear brother added  has a mistake - he wrote in the wrong phone number. And I "continued" the mistake by blindly copying and pasting the edited version without actually reading the entire content.

The wrong number practically stayed there even when I emailed him 3 times to double check and counter check with my parents. His response was "Good to go" so I gave the green light to the printers and they were off for printing. So when my mom received the package last week, no body knew of the problem until yesterday when she was about to send the card out by post. But instead of finding out where went wrong, I got a verbal lashing over some mistake I didn't create. I may have my fair share of being careless but if that's the case, everyone's at fault too isn't?

So who's fault is it anyway? YOU TELL ME

Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Photography outing - Spice Garden

 Price of Digital SLR cameras has reduced greatly over the years and it's becoming a popular trend among young enthusiast who have a limited budget to fiddle in the world of photography.
When digital camera replaced films, it was a major break through that changed the world. Back then only a small select few would want to take photography as a hobby as the negatives (films) are the main set backs. If you've made a mistake in taking a photo, your film goes to waste. But with digital cameras, you can take the same picture a hundred times yet, you can delete the "rejects" from the memory card directly.
When I was in university (circa 2006), I wanted to take photography as an extra curricular activity. But the lecturer shun those who didn't own an SLR (or at least a DSLR). He said those with dummy cameras or point and shoot can never take good photographs. At that point I really wanted to show him my works with my "dummy" Panasonic TZ1. But what's the point of arguing with an arrogant individual who thinks he's the world's best camera man?  
So two Sundays ago, I joined the boys for my first photography outing. I'm still clueless in many aspects of photography but never the lest enjoyed getting pointers from expert photographers who have been in this field for many years.
Our trip is to the Spice Garden in Penang Island - a popular location for pre-wedding photography. Even though I was bogged down with flu from my cactus pollen attack a few days before, at least I managed to get a few interesting shots.
Unfortunately for us, it was not the flowering season so there was very little bloom.
And what more irony when the only spices we saw in the garden are those dried up ones inside their museum!
Apart from my hubby and his brother Danny, we were joined with other photography enthusiast like Pak Din (Uncle Din) who turned my FEET as his model and posted it here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cactus Bloom

The week before QingMing Festival, it began to rain. Many flowering plants were blooming and the 6 foot tall cactus tree bloomed like there was no tomorrow. It attracted quite a lot of attention in our neighborhood. On the first night, my hubby organized a little photography sessions with his friend and brother.

I didn't join them because I had other chores to complete first. They stayed up until 3 o'clock in the morning. The second night, many enthusiast who were my in-law's friends came over. They too stayed on till very late but again, I find my pillow more inviting.

By the third night, there weren't many flowers left. So hubby took this opportunity to give me a little lesson using my new Panasonic GF1. I must say there are so many functions and I got totally lost mid way forgetting which setting corresponds to which effect!

Anyway unlike the earlier two sessions, we finished at about 12am. The reason was I accidentally sniffed the pollen from the cactus and Aaaaaaaa CHHHHOOOOoooooo~!

When I woke up the next morning I was already having a runny nose and mucus was flowing freely from my nose like a leaked pipe!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clear Bright Day

This post contains images of tomb stones and prayer offerings which may be offensive to certain individuals. Viewer discretion advised.
Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day is a festival for Chinese to tend the graves of the dearly departed. Held on every 15th day from the Spring Equinox or approximately on April 4th, 5th or 6th every year in the Gregorian calendar. In modern times, people either attend to the graves of the dearly departed either a week earlier or after for one simple reason - traffic jam!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vandalism - an expression to seek attention?

A few Sundays back, I accompanied dear hubby for a stroll in the forest reserve in Bukit Panchor (Panchor Hill) which sits at the boarder between Penang, Perak and Kedah state. My hubby focused his attention on the beauty of the park while trying to avoid the scribbles and carvings on the tree, gazebos and even rubbish bins! I on the other hand couldn't resist NOT reading them.

I don't know if this is only happening to certain countries or is it a global problem. Some treat graffiti as art while others may call it an eyesore. But the problem I see isn't about those who can paint well with spray cans - it's those who write vulgar messages and mobile numbers of individuals who can provide "companionship" or in need of one.

It only shows the mentality of the people who come here - desperate for attention. I have not witness any vandalism in progress but what's left on the gazebo pillars or the tree bark tells of individual who are deprived of love and attention from home, sounds like courting danger. Situations like this often put me at thoughts of how am I going to bring a child into this world when the surroundings look so "dangerous"? How do I love him or her enough to prevent my child ending up as a desperate individual looking for "happiness" outside the house? And what more the dangers of sexual predators who looks like your average Joe but the heart of a demons? Or maybe I'm just having a PMS moment, please excuse me (^_^)