Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Photography outing - Spice Garden

 Price of Digital SLR cameras has reduced greatly over the years and it's becoming a popular trend among young enthusiast who have a limited budget to fiddle in the world of photography.
When digital camera replaced films, it was a major break through that changed the world. Back then only a small select few would want to take photography as a hobby as the negatives (films) are the main set backs. If you've made a mistake in taking a photo, your film goes to waste. But with digital cameras, you can take the same picture a hundred times yet, you can delete the "rejects" from the memory card directly.
When I was in university (circa 2006), I wanted to take photography as an extra curricular activity. But the lecturer shun those who didn't own an SLR (or at least a DSLR). He said those with dummy cameras or point and shoot can never take good photographs. At that point I really wanted to show him my works with my "dummy" Panasonic TZ1. But what's the point of arguing with an arrogant individual who thinks he's the world's best camera man?  
So two Sundays ago, I joined the boys for my first photography outing. I'm still clueless in many aspects of photography but never the lest enjoyed getting pointers from expert photographers who have been in this field for many years.
Our trip is to the Spice Garden in Penang Island - a popular location for pre-wedding photography. Even though I was bogged down with flu from my cactus pollen attack a few days before, at least I managed to get a few interesting shots.
Unfortunately for us, it was not the flowering season so there was very little bloom.
And what more irony when the only spices we saw in the garden are those dried up ones inside their museum!
Apart from my hubby and his brother Danny, we were joined with other photography enthusiast like Pak Din (Uncle Din) who turned my FEET as his model and posted it here!


  1. It must have been a very exciting activity. Beautiful shots! I wish I could go photo hunting with you. Have a wonderful week, my dear.

  2. It is very cooling when taking pictures of nature. The trees provide great shades from the glaring sun. The only set back are the mosquitoes. So having a mosquito repellent is essential.
    I too wish we can meet up one day. Have a great week my dear friend!


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