Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's Fault is it anyway?

Last month I began working on the invitation cards. I had 3 invitations to work on. The first one was for my family's event in PJ, the second involves the twin boys here in Nibong Tebal on June 5th and the third invitation is for my sister-in-law's family some 3 weeks later.

I drafted the initial copy and emailed it to my younger brother to proof read and make the necessary changes. He changed a few words here and there, and added an RSVP at the bottom. Sounds normal right? But little did we know that the RSVP my dear brother added  has a mistake - he wrote in the wrong phone number. And I "continued" the mistake by blindly copying and pasting the edited version without actually reading the entire content.

The wrong number practically stayed there even when I emailed him 3 times to double check and counter check with my parents. His response was "Good to go" so I gave the green light to the printers and they were off for printing. So when my mom received the package last week, no body knew of the problem until yesterday when she was about to send the card out by post. But instead of finding out where went wrong, I got a verbal lashing over some mistake I didn't create. I may have my fair share of being careless but if that's the case, everyone's at fault too isn't?

So who's fault is it anyway? YOU TELL ME


  1. The tension usually increases a lot heading toward big events, like your upcoming wedding. I think it's no ones fault. Things like this happen. As unfair as it seems, forgive your Mom, my dear. Sometimes, people get more sensitive towards stress the older they get. They might say words they actually don't intend to say, but it just comes out like that... Wishing you a wonderful wedding :)

  2. You're right my friend. Weddings are something that happens once in a life time. So it's quite common to overreact on things.

    Thank you so much my friend! (^_^)


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