Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm an ogre!

In my previous post - Dress Crisis, I mentioned about a little problem with my luncheon dress. Well it turned out that there wasn't any problem with the zipper or the dress as a matter of fact. But me.

Little did I know that there's a technique in wearing this dress. How you pull up the dress and zip up the zippers MATTERS. In short you have to be gentle and kind to the dress and not rough it up like some wrestling event! Anyway, this is what happened...

I went back to the bridal this morning, let them know of the problem and left. They called up later to say there was nothing wrong with the dress. Perhaps the sizing was not right. So I went back there again to have it all ironed out. First they pointed out to me that there is nothing wrong with the zippers or other parts of the dress. Then we proceed to HOW TO WEAR THE DRESS PROPERLY - hook the claps BEFORE you zip.

There's no problem with the dress now and I'm all set for the luncheon. Here goes another week of silence before I bombard my blog with posts and pictures... Happy Weekend Everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dress crisis!

Just collected my dress this evening from the bridal studio. Above is what I'll be wearing for the luncheon this weekend. Actually I'm really lucky to have those good ladies at the bridal to let me rent the dress for a week. I mean some friends told me they can only get the dress a day or two before the actual event. And I'm already at a crisis.

It's now midnight and I just found a problem with the dress. The zipper pops open when stressed. This is one big disadvantage when trying the dress with an empty stomach. I for one, didn't know the zipper was THAT weak. When I tried the dress at the studio some 5 hours ago, it was alright. There was even some loose space for my tummy to expand. Mind you I've been on a strict diet since last December and most of the dinner meals only leave me 70-80% filled just to avoid having food tummy after meals. So imagine my horror when I tried on the dress right after dinner only to hear "PIAK"

Somehow I didn't get furious or enraged.  I just turned it all into a great humor with dear hubby when each time I exhale there will be an echo of "PIAK(s)" and the zip opens up bigger! Dear hubby doesn't get angry so easily. In fact he found it rather amusing (^_^) Oh well, they are closed tomorrow so that leaves me with Wednesday to get the dress all fixed...

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was out gardening yesterday morning when I spotted this -
Oh wait. It's out of focus... oops (^_^)
There you go. It's a beetle! Let's zoom in and see the beetle up close. Looks a little scary huh?

The beetle in these pictures is actually dead. It went belly up two nights ago and since I did not want to waste a good looking specimen, might as well turn it into my little model. Unfortunately when I took this picture I did not have a macro lens so I cannot take really really up close pictures. The only option is to crop the image.  Anyway, the macro lens cost about MYR2,000 (yup, you read it right TWO THOUSAND Malaysian Ringgit) while a cheaper alternative is to stick a magnifying glass in front of the lens which would cost about MYR200 (less one zero from the macro lens).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Beauty of Pain

“Many saw a pretty face but only one saw torture and pain” – Me –
Last Saturday we were at Pisa for BriPex 2010. It’s a bridal and camera fair merged into one. Coincidentally we arrived just in time to watch a bikini fashion show. Now I don’t quite know how to put this fashion show into words. The girls are not the most beautiful in town, in fact there are some faces among the crowd of spectators who seemed to fair much better (no, I’m not referring to myself). Anyway, it’s quite predictable on what to expect when you have a stage with girls in skimpy clothing and a throng of photography enthusiast waiting at the edge of the runway!
If you try typing BriPex 2010 Bikini Photoshoot in Google, you’ll get plenty of pictures as result. But of the many pictures that shows the faces and bodies of those pretty girls (which I later found out one of the models is ALMOST 18, I wonder if it it’s illegal??) However, I doubt anyone would bother looking at their feet as most of them (mainly men) would be busy ogling at something else (O.o). I learnt about taking pictures of someone’s feet from another photographer – Pak Din. I don’t know if he reads my lame blog but if he does, and then I’ll say “Terima kasih Pak Din! MakCik dapat banyak gambar kakiiiiiiiiiii”. The translations meaning “Thank you Pak Din! Auntie (apparently he likes calling me MakCik or Auntie, but I’m okay with it) took plenty of feet pictures” He taught me that a person’s feet tell a different form of story compared to faces as there are no expressions on one’s feet. But the impression left behind is a picture that worth a thousand words.
Of the 5 bikini models that day, I saw 2 wore ill fitted shoes. In Chinese, these pictures carry a hidden meaning. The term 抓痛脚 [zhua tong jiao] literally “grab pain (wounded) leg” actually means to catch someone red handed (committing a crime or sin) but instead of handling over to the authorities (or superior of a workplace), you use it to blackmail that person for personal gain. But in these pictures the grab is about grabbing a picture, not the physical grab.

But of all models, Barbie was the best. She stood still the entire day and entirely up to me to decide how to take her picture!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My First online Shopping

Let's face the facts that shopping via the Internet is nothing new. Some can spurge up to thousands a month by just clicking here and there. But not all Internet purchases are sunny side up. There are stories of individuals being cheated of their money. And with all those horror stories being added up, it kind of freaked me out in wanting to buy anything online.

Anyway, last month I saw an advertisement on another blogger's site. Cheeserland was advertising about this particular online company which sells cosmetic products at discounted prices. The company Best Buy World is registered to a Hong Kong company Yinlai Trading (HK) Limited and the Malaysian branch is a company called Telescan Network Sdn Bhd. Unfortunately, I couldn't get much information from the website so I did an additional Googling. I found out that there is another identical company under the name Best Buy World but one registered in Singapore and another in Indonesia. Then I saw the difference in the URL, the Singapore company is written as while the Malaysian company is written as and the Indonesian company as I clicked on the Singaporean website and found the "parent company" is written as Bestbuy World (HK) Limited which is the same as the Indonesian site. A little different from the Malaysian site but never the less, the street address on all three sites are the same. Perhaps all the companies are of the same bosses.
The only reason that made me wanted to buy from this site is because they are selling samples at a reasonable price. Let's do some simple maths here. For example a 100ml bottle of cleanser is sold at MYR100 (retail price) while the samples that are sold is only MYR10 for 15ml. So if I were to buy 7 bottles of 15ml samples from this site, I only pay MYR70 for a total of 105ml. Which means I save MYR30! But this isn't exactly my reasoning of purchasing from them. I actually saw a pallet of lip colors (4 shades) sold at MYR35. Retail stores hardly sell you these pallets in fact these samples are only given if you've spent like hundreds of Ringgit buying their products. And since I need some new lip colors for my wedding I thought maybe I should just get it. It's better than spending MYR50 or so for just ONE color.

So I've decided to put my money to the test. I placed order of the lip color along with a few more items to qualify for free delivery charges (if I spend a total of MYR100 and above I get free delivery via Pos Laju). I made my order two weeks ago but delayed payment until Tuesday when my salary cleared. And today the items are delivered to my office as requested! The sample pack is indeed small but since I'll rarely put on makeup, I bet I'll only be using it ONCE!
Things I bought from them. Shiseido sun block (SPF34) MYR20 for 2 bottles of 7ml each.
Estee Lauder lip color pallet of 4 colors at MYR35 and that green bottle is also from
Estee Lauder, pore minimizing lotion at MYR52 for 15ml.

When I made my payment on Tuesday I was nervous that I might get cheated. The company information was so limited I had doubts that this site is genuine. But when I received the goods in good condition I felt relieved. Even though this "test" turned out to be a success I couldn't help but worry of all the WHAT IFs. Like what if this company closes down suddenly and ran away with my money? Or the website disappeared over night and I have no one to help me claim my money. So would I buy stuffs from online stores in future? MAYBE... just maybe

Update 18 August 2010
I did an extra search via Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (in English is Companies of Commission of Malaysia) or SSM for short. All I can say is Telescan Network Sdn. Bhd. is a company registered in Kuala Lumpur with the registration number 572271-X. If you need extra information you'll have to pay SSM.

Update October 14, 2011
The company named YINLAI TRADING (HK) LIMITED (Company Registry Number 1181316) is a Hong Kong registered business incorporated in 02-Nov-2007. In 06-Oct-2010, the company name is changed to BEST BUY WORLD (HK) LIMITED. Sourced directly from Hong Kong's Companies Registry - As of today, the company's status is ACTIVE.