Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Beauty of Pain

“Many saw a pretty face but only one saw torture and pain” – Me –
Last Saturday we were at Pisa for BriPex 2010. It’s a bridal and camera fair merged into one. Coincidentally we arrived just in time to watch a bikini fashion show. Now I don’t quite know how to put this fashion show into words. The girls are not the most beautiful in town, in fact there are some faces among the crowd of spectators who seemed to fair much better (no, I’m not referring to myself). Anyway, it’s quite predictable on what to expect when you have a stage with girls in skimpy clothing and a throng of photography enthusiast waiting at the edge of the runway!
If you try typing BriPex 2010 Bikini Photoshoot in Google, you’ll get plenty of pictures as result. But of the many pictures that shows the faces and bodies of those pretty girls (which I later found out one of the models is ALMOST 18, I wonder if it it’s illegal??) However, I doubt anyone would bother looking at their feet as most of them (mainly men) would be busy ogling at something else (O.o). I learnt about taking pictures of someone’s feet from another photographer – Pak Din. I don’t know if he reads my lame blog but if he does, and then I’ll say “Terima kasih Pak Din! MakCik dapat banyak gambar kakiiiiiiiiiii”. The translations meaning “Thank you Pak Din! Auntie (apparently he likes calling me MakCik or Auntie, but I’m okay with it) took plenty of feet pictures” He taught me that a person’s feet tell a different form of story compared to faces as there are no expressions on one’s feet. But the impression left behind is a picture that worth a thousand words.
Of the 5 bikini models that day, I saw 2 wore ill fitted shoes. In Chinese, these pictures carry a hidden meaning. The term 抓痛脚 [zhua tong jiao] literally “grab pain (wounded) leg” actually means to catch someone red handed (committing a crime or sin) but instead of handling over to the authorities (or superior of a workplace), you use it to blackmail that person for personal gain. But in these pictures the grab is about grabbing a picture, not the physical grab.

But of all models, Barbie was the best. She stood still the entire day and entirely up to me to decide how to take her picture!


  1. Interesting new angles for me. I would love to know more about taking photos of feet. Btw, in no way is your blog lame to me :)

  2. Hmmm...
    I've been pondering for a moment how to answer. I don't really know of the concept on how to take pictures of someone's feet. It was an impromptu decision, I guess. (^_^)


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