Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm an ogre!

In my previous post - Dress Crisis, I mentioned about a little problem with my luncheon dress. Well it turned out that there wasn't any problem with the zipper or the dress as a matter of fact. But me.

Little did I know that there's a technique in wearing this dress. How you pull up the dress and zip up the zippers MATTERS. In short you have to be gentle and kind to the dress and not rough it up like some wrestling event! Anyway, this is what happened...

I went back to the bridal this morning, let them know of the problem and left. They called up later to say there was nothing wrong with the dress. Perhaps the sizing was not right. So I went back there again to have it all ironed out. First they pointed out to me that there is nothing wrong with the zippers or other parts of the dress. Then we proceed to HOW TO WEAR THE DRESS PROPERLY - hook the claps BEFORE you zip.

There's no problem with the dress now and I'm all set for the luncheon. Here goes another week of silence before I bombard my blog with posts and pictures... Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Great lesson for me, too ;). Can't wait for your updates. Have a wonderful week, my dear.

  2. I'll surely upload the pictures when I have them all compiled together. Enjoy your week too my friend!


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