Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pudu Jail - The mysterious Watermelon

When I was still a kid, dad used to drive us every Sunday to Sungei Wang. Back then we lived near Cheras area and to reach Sungei Wang, we have to pass by the eastern walls of Pudu jail (along Jalan Pudu or Pudu Road). I can't remember how old I was then, but it used to be a great pass time to play "Spot the Watermelon" along these walls. You see, even in the early 1990s the intersection between Jalan Pudu and Jalan Imbi was already notorious for it's traffic jam especially on Sundays. So to pass time, we'll try to spot a watermelon painted by one of it's convicts (or so I read from the news later on). It was rather peculiar to have a watermelon painted against a backdrop of jungles and beaches! But never the less it was as good as playing "Where's Wally"

Anyway, early this year there was news of the authorities wanting to demolish the jail which is over a 100 years old. So during Chinese New Year, when most city dwellers were out of town, I asked hubby to drive me along this wall in hopes of finding the watermelon one last time. Alas, I couldn't find it. So there's no picture to be taken or at least shown to dear hubby. One part of me felt quite disappointed that I don't get to "preserve" that part of the memory in a solid photographs. I really do hope that there is someone out there who photographed that watermelon.

Sadly on Monday 21st June 2010, they started to process of demolishing the eastern walls - the very wall with the painted watermelon...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok. This happened like 10 minutes ago. Had to interrupt my wedding post for another date...

So 10 minutes ago, I got a call from a gentleman. He claimed he is from McDonalds. At first I found it weird that McDonalds would be interested in calling ME (of all Homo Sapiens on Earth). Then the caller mentioned about an email I sent to them regarding McCafe. Technically only one other living person that I KNOW knows about that particular email - hubby. And this email correspondent happened back early June. So I thought maybe it's really from McDonalds.

Anyway, the phone conversation was a very short one - 2 minutes FLAT. Honestly, I forgot his name because what he told me really caught me off guard -  There will be a McCafe opening in Malaysia either 4th quarter of 2010 or 1st quater of 2011.  Their first McCafe will be in the Klang Valley so those staying in Penang (like myself) would have to wait a little much longer. So the moment I hung up, the first thing I did was actually to Google the number that called me "+603 7843 3388" - just to be sure I think... And guess what's the first result that pop-up? Yup yup. Indeed that number belonged to McD. Since the caller DID say I can inform my friends and family, might as well put it up on my blog and let EVERYBODY know... he didn't say no blogging (^_^)

Update 17 August 2011
 Well, time came and gone. Even my daughter is born. But there is no McCafe YET. I don't know what happened and there is no reply to my mails either. Dang, I should have taken down that guy's name!

When "facts" are distorted by fats

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Way back in primary school we learned about the food pyramid. The most items we must consume is grain, wheat, bread and rice (bottom of the pyramid). Followed by fruits and vegetables. In the midspan of the pyramid is dairy products (usually at par with poultry or one rung below) and the least food group we must consume are those snack and junk foods.
When we proceeded to secondary school, things got more detailed. We learned specific sources of energy for the body and how nutrients effect our bodies - carbohydrates (glucose), proteins (amino acids), vitamins and other minerals. Also this is when we learned how carbohydrates (from rice, bread, potato) are broken down into glucose which is the main source of energy for the body. Access energy are stored as FATS. Correct? That's what we were taught in school and also learned from encyclopedias and text books.

But today I met up with one certain individual over breakfast who shot me down over her crack pot theory that eating meat (especially chicken meat SHE SAYS) makes you fat. It all began when she questioned my decision to not eat rice for dinner. Initially it was only for 6 months when I needed to get into shape for the wedding. But then it sort of become a norm for me which lead to my decision to cut rice out of my dinner menu PERMANENTLY. Unsatisfied with my explanation (by the way I was in biology class in F6, equivalent to A-Levels) she went on with her twisted story of how her own children got fat after eating meat. I know her children personally and none of them are fat. In fact her son have been on a high protein diet lately just to build up some muscle for an upcoming martial arts competition. To make matters worse she even boasted how she taught her friend's child who is on the verge of being categorized as obese, to stop eating meat and only eat rice and vegetables!

Personally I don't care what she says or thinks. But what bothered me most is how she's teaching the wrong things to someone else's child! It is true that if you eat things beyond the recommended amount, is not good for you. But blaming entirely on one particular food source for something that's actually caused by another (or a combination of others) is totally unfair. I may have lost some weight from not eating carbs for dinner but have not become pencil thin because I still consume carbohydrate for breakfast and lunch. Basically my conversation ended the moment she claimed to taught her friend's child some diet regime of hers. For me, it was beyond my ability to reason with the unreasonable...

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Saturday Before

On 29th May we had a feast for relatives from MY side of the family and also my closest pals. So ladies (and the handsome gentlemen) the two tables of friends you guys met are my closest buddies - so no bitching please (hehehe...).
That day I woke up an hour earlier from my usual schedule - 0700. Dragged myself out of bed while dear hubby is still stuck in slumber land. Jamie (my official photographer) and I envy men who do not need to put on makeup or do their hair while us ladies have to wake up extra early to (as my big brother puts it) - get our faces fixed! Well I got my makeup done by my brother's friend's friend but the hair we decided to leave it alone since curly hair makes me look FAT. I'll blog about the makeup another day including some pictures my hubby took.

Anyway, by the time I was done with my makeup it was almost noon. My family was already there at the restaurant while hubby and I slowly wiggle our way there. From there on it was 4 hours of non stop all you can eat and greet. While I know some of my friends and relatives managed to catch up with one another but being the bride it's hard to sit still. It's either I'm off greeting someone or having a picture taken. By the way, I do wish to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for staying all the way till the end. If I find it exhausting, I know you guys would too. Below is another set of montage of pictures I've taken (hijacked from Jamie's preview pictures). I'll just let the pictures do the talking ... Enjoy (^.^)

The Newly Weds

p.s Tell tale signs of rebelliousness? Wedding dress paired with boots (^_^)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Games on Google?

Click on the image above to play Pac Man on Google

I got this information from BBC news. It sort of became a hit with many Google users though some may not be aware of it because it was on Google's official page ( for only a day. The next day they created a permanent link ( for those who wished to play the game. Do try if you're interested (^_^)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Please excuse the sudden title. It's not that I don't want to get married, but not THIS WAY. I mean not the way I see it at the moment at least (^_^)

Two years ago when we decided to sign the papers, all was well. In fact that was one of the happiest moment when everything was kept to simplicity - a simple two table dinner consisting of my family and his. Of course there were some set backs and objections from all four corners of the world when I suggested that the registration ceremony to be our wedding itself and forgo all those traditions of banquets, tea servings and what not. You can't blame the elders for wanting to stick to tradition despite young folks like us think of it as a burden more than anything else. My cousin sis K knows best. She's been through this road before, the hordes of objections for keeping things simple was overwhelming. But I really have to thank her for setting up this path. As I followed her footsteps of simplicity there were lesser objections AND the majority truly enjoyed themselves with the freedom of sitting with whom they liked and eating what they want. Anyway, isn't freedom what we all love most?

I'm really really lucky that for the lunch banquet last week, all I had to do was show up! Everything else was prepared by my brothers and parents and not to forget eldest aunt who is the sole person around here to know the family hierarchy at her finger tips. On that day, I could just waltz around the restaurant like a doll knowing that no one would ask me anything when the whole world knew I know nothing! (^_^)

As the days draw near to this Saturday's event, I try not to get too many things into my head. But things doesn't seem to permit me to repeat the previous event. Already I'm being told to do this and that, which I'm currently dragging my feet to it. Not to forget those "small people(小人 xiao ren)" who always have their say in things despite knowing very little while pretending they know the better than all holy books combined! In Chinese small people sometimes take a second meaning referring to individuals who are narrow minded and gets easily offended when their opinion/request/ideas gets rejected - commonly all negative characteristics (ie autocratic,temperamental,uncooperative)are associated with these people. The first meaning refers to midgets.

So for those who are attending this Saturday's dinner, if you can't find me, try looking at the makeshift kitchen behind the school hall...