Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Please excuse the sudden title. It's not that I don't want to get married, but not THIS WAY. I mean not the way I see it at the moment at least (^_^)

Two years ago when we decided to sign the papers, all was well. In fact that was one of the happiest moment when everything was kept to simplicity - a simple two table dinner consisting of my family and his. Of course there were some set backs and objections from all four corners of the world when I suggested that the registration ceremony to be our wedding itself and forgo all those traditions of banquets, tea servings and what not. You can't blame the elders for wanting to stick to tradition despite young folks like us think of it as a burden more than anything else. My cousin sis K knows best. She's been through this road before, the hordes of objections for keeping things simple was overwhelming. But I really have to thank her for setting up this path. As I followed her footsteps of simplicity there were lesser objections AND the majority truly enjoyed themselves with the freedom of sitting with whom they liked and eating what they want. Anyway, isn't freedom what we all love most?

I'm really really lucky that for the lunch banquet last week, all I had to do was show up! Everything else was prepared by my brothers and parents and not to forget eldest aunt who is the sole person around here to know the family hierarchy at her finger tips. On that day, I could just waltz around the restaurant like a doll knowing that no one would ask me anything when the whole world knew I know nothing! (^_^)

As the days draw near to this Saturday's event, I try not to get too many things into my head. But things doesn't seem to permit me to repeat the previous event. Already I'm being told to do this and that, which I'm currently dragging my feet to it. Not to forget those "small people(小人 xiao ren)" who always have their say in things despite knowing very little while pretending they know the better than all holy books combined! In Chinese small people sometimes take a second meaning referring to individuals who are narrow minded and gets easily offended when their opinion/request/ideas gets rejected - commonly all negative characteristics (ie autocratic,temperamental,uncooperative)are associated with these people. The first meaning refers to midgets.

So for those who are attending this Saturday's dinner, if you can't find me, try looking at the makeshift kitchen behind the school hall...


  1. I remembered your wedding is in June and its here already!!
    me too prefer to go the simpler ways.. but too bad my FIL is a businessman whom is quite famous in small town like Tpg, so a dinner reception is a must...
    happy wedding and hope to see your updates!

  2. You'll get through this, my dear. Just try to maintain a cool head and ignore the minor issues! Have a great time :)

  3. Hayley and Rosidah, thank you very much for your wishes. Good thing everything went through quite well. Or perhaps it's because I was quite numb from the flu infection. (^_^)

    Have a blessed week my friends

  4. congras, i m frenz of the twins..hehe..we joined electronic society together..^.^
    congras again..hehe


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