Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok. This happened like 10 minutes ago. Had to interrupt my wedding post for another date...

So 10 minutes ago, I got a call from a gentleman. He claimed he is from McDonalds. At first I found it weird that McDonalds would be interested in calling ME (of all Homo Sapiens on Earth). Then the caller mentioned about an email I sent to them regarding McCafe. Technically only one other living person that I KNOW knows about that particular email - hubby. And this email correspondent happened back early June. So I thought maybe it's really from McDonalds.

Anyway, the phone conversation was a very short one - 2 minutes FLAT. Honestly, I forgot his name because what he told me really caught me off guard -  There will be a McCafe opening in Malaysia either 4th quarter of 2010 or 1st quater of 2011.  Their first McCafe will be in the Klang Valley so those staying in Penang (like myself) would have to wait a little much longer. So the moment I hung up, the first thing I did was actually to Google the number that called me "+603 7843 3388" - just to be sure I think... And guess what's the first result that pop-up? Yup yup. Indeed that number belonged to McD. Since the caller DID say I can inform my friends and family, might as well put it up on my blog and let EVERYBODY know... he didn't say no blogging (^_^)

Update 17 August 2011
 Well, time came and gone. Even my daughter is born. But there is no McCafe YET. I don't know what happened and there is no reply to my mails either. Dang, I should have taken down that guy's name!


  1. It's the first time I read about a McCafe. Is it different from regular McDonald restaurants?

    You left a beautiful haiku on my blog for Father's Day. I only know about the syllable rules and that every line should be a sentence. But many participants write several paragraphs, not only three lines. I guess it's all about having fun :)

  2. The idea of McCafe is like Starbucks, Gloria Jean and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Like these cafes, they serve drinks (coffee, tea and coco) and small snacks like cakes and brownies.

    Well, I guess I can start joining you in haiku? (^_^)


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