Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When "facts" are distorted by fats

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Way back in primary school we learned about the food pyramid. The most items we must consume is grain, wheat, bread and rice (bottom of the pyramid). Followed by fruits and vegetables. In the midspan of the pyramid is dairy products (usually at par with poultry or one rung below) and the least food group we must consume are those snack and junk foods.
When we proceeded to secondary school, things got more detailed. We learned specific sources of energy for the body and how nutrients effect our bodies - carbohydrates (glucose), proteins (amino acids), vitamins and other minerals. Also this is when we learned how carbohydrates (from rice, bread, potato) are broken down into glucose which is the main source of energy for the body. Access energy are stored as FATS. Correct? That's what we were taught in school and also learned from encyclopedias and text books.

But today I met up with one certain individual over breakfast who shot me down over her crack pot theory that eating meat (especially chicken meat SHE SAYS) makes you fat. It all began when she questioned my decision to not eat rice for dinner. Initially it was only for 6 months when I needed to get into shape for the wedding. But then it sort of become a norm for me which lead to my decision to cut rice out of my dinner menu PERMANENTLY. Unsatisfied with my explanation (by the way I was in biology class in F6, equivalent to A-Levels) she went on with her twisted story of how her own children got fat after eating meat. I know her children personally and none of them are fat. In fact her son have been on a high protein diet lately just to build up some muscle for an upcoming martial arts competition. To make matters worse she even boasted how she taught her friend's child who is on the verge of being categorized as obese, to stop eating meat and only eat rice and vegetables!

Personally I don't care what she says or thinks. But what bothered me most is how she's teaching the wrong things to someone else's child! It is true that if you eat things beyond the recommended amount, is not good for you. But blaming entirely on one particular food source for something that's actually caused by another (or a combination of others) is totally unfair. I may have lost some weight from not eating carbs for dinner but have not become pencil thin because I still consume carbohydrate for breakfast and lunch. Basically my conversation ended the moment she claimed to taught her friend's child some diet regime of hers. For me, it was beyond my ability to reason with the unreasonable...


  1. A person who knows half truths and full lies does more damage then a totally dumb fool. I pity that person. Person, because I know she can't be your friend. XD

  2. But this is one person I can never un-friend...

  3. Horrible how the lack of knowledge can be fatal not only for yourself, but also for others. I hope she gets some enlightenment soon. Have a wonderful week ahead, my dear :)


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