Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life IS a text book (only in the begining)

I know it's been many moons since I've last blogged. Interestingly after giving birth, I manged to find some time to squeeze in a blog post. So here I sit in front of my laptop with a cup of cold chocolate drink (the weather is really hot these days) by my side and some small munchies within reach. My little princess is in dreamland right now which makes things a lot more easier for me.

So why is life like a text book? For those first time mothers or mothers-to-be, you'll probably realized that all the pregnancy books are chapter by the months - chapter one is about the first month and all the signs and symptoms of being pregnant. It tells you about the changes in your body and what's happening in the womb. By the time you've reached the last chapter (if all goes well and there's on complications), you'll be home with the newest member of the family!

During my entire pregnancy, I was tempted to visit my gynae on a weekly basis to see how my daughter was behaving inside my womb. In fact I SO wanted to rent an ultrasound machine so I can constantly keep track of my little one! But stopped short when my hubby gave me that "you-must-be-crazy-look". Luckily my pregnancy is was smooth sailing from start to finish. And now four months after the birth of my princess I become a student again - the student of motherhood

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