Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Advertisement Tab

You may or may not have noticed an Advertisement Tab. It's like the Chinese word 矛盾 (mao dun). I don't like too much advertisements flooding my blog YET I need to have advertisements as a little side income. So I've created an advertisement tab for ads that I like (and think it'll be useful). I am not any celebrity blogger so I don't get paid big bucks. But at least getting that extra RM50 or RM100 is still better than nothing right?

Update 1 October 2011

Personally I find the advertisement tab a bit of a hassle. So I removed it for GOOD~!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing the Recorder Again

For some funny reason today I went through my stash of old stuffs and dug out my old recorder. Not that apparatus for recording sound, pictures, or data, but THIS recorder.

Yup, I've kept this THING for the past don't know how many years. The last time I've actually played it was when I was 12. After primary school I was supposed to hand it down to my younger cousins. But some how didn't. I couldn't remember why, but just stashed it along with a few other stuffs and it lies there dormant until today. So this morning I gave it a nice clean bath, wiped dry and began to play a few songs.

Playing this recorder bought back many memories. I remember participating in a school performance with my schoolmates. We played The Red River Valley. It was a simple song for those with music background, but the same cannot be said for those who don't. Another thing that I remember about that particular school performance was someone's recorder was DROOLING! I was playing halfway and nearly burst out laughing at that person's saliva dripping from the end of the recorder. Don't ask me if I remember who it was, I don't even know if it's a guy or girl!

Music in school was one of the lamest lessons of my life. They only teach you to sing children songs, know the names of local musical instruments and a few common ones like piano and violin. There was no guzheng or erhu (I learned that from TVB!) or the Indian Tabla (learned that one from Bollywood movies). Even though we were taught to play the recorder, but the songs we played stretched no more than an octave. In fact, I don't remember the teacher even teaching us how to play the recorder properly. As long as the sound coming out of the recorder was not out of tune, you're good to go. I later discovered that the recorder can play another octave higher (an ah ha moment especially when Internet wasn't easily available in the early 90s for Malaysia). But it doesn't matter how well you play the recorder in school, you're never appreciated. Everyone is only concerned about what they get for UPSR. And after primary school, the only music lessons you'll get is in private schools.

At the moment, my daughter seemed to like listening to me play the recorder. Whether or not she'll be wanting music lessons, will be entirely up to her when she grows older. But for now, I'll just let her cheer when I play Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No.9 "From the New World" 2nd Movement.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling all baking enthusiast

Hankerie: {Giveaway} Win 12-Colorful Cupcakes Silicon Molds

4 years after graduating from University Malaya, I still keep tabs at what my former course mates are doing. It doesn’t take a lot of work like the olden days. Just tune to Facebook® and before you know it, you’re stuck there for hours browsing to every photo your friends have uploaded and all those status updates. So without actually calling each and every one, I get to know who has changed jobs, who have migrated and who has gotten married and have kids!

Recently I found out that one of my courses senior is into baking. I love cooking but currently there’s no guinea pig to taste my food so I’ll have to wait till my daughter grows older… shhhhh… don’t let her know I’m turning her into my food guinea pig, okay? Anyway, long story short, my friend Han Ker of Hankerie is giving away (read FREEBIES) silicone cupcake moulds. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuffs right? Now before you people go on clicking to her site, Hankerie’s free giveaway runs from now until 31st August 2011 AND will only give those residing in ASEAN. No, that wasn’t a typing error; I did type ASEAN (means South East Asian Nations Only). So for those staying in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - click the image below if you want it NOW! Remember, giveaway ends on 31st August 2011

But who is Han Ker of Hankerie, anyway? (Note to Han Ker, do correct me if I’m wrong, ok? My memory is not so good these days) what I know is she’s one of the best students in the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology of University of Malaya. If memory serves me correctly she’s on the Dean’s list. On a personal note, she’s the one who ‘buried’ me with all her books, notes and papers.

Now for most people who bake (including me) don’t put much emphasis on the outlook. As long as it tastes beautifully, it’s good to go. But Han Ker is different. Simple snacks like Swiss rolls or sugar cookies could just look oh, so gorgeous, you won’t even have the heart to lick it! And like all great bakers, this Leo isn’t stingy on her ingredients. In a way, I consider myself lucky for staying rather far away from her or I’ll end up standing in front of her house on a daily basis hoping to sink my jaws into her baked goods. I mean try visiting her blog dead in the night. I’m very sure you’ll hear your own stomach crying and your mouth watering. I know I’m not as good as her in baking. But the very least she inspires me to be creative.

Speaking of being creative, I’ve decided to redesign my blog yet again. So do excuse the current dull look. Hopefully Han Ker’s work will inspire me to create a delicious looking blog. In the mean time, bon appetite and good luck to those joining Hankerie’s FREE CUPCAKE MOULD GIVEAWAY!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to select a child’s gender before conceiving – the Chinese method

This post is related to pregnancy and the probabilities of conceiving a child. By continuing to read this blog post, you agree that I (the author) am not responsible for any loss or gain directly or indirectly when you use this chart. You (the reader) are responsible for your own actions. When you use this chart, there is a possibility of not getting the results you expected. This is because this chart may not be 100% accurate. There are probabilities of inaccuracy. If you do not intend to conceive, please use protection.