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How to select a child’s gender before conceiving – the Chinese method

This post is related to pregnancy and the probabilities of conceiving a child. By continuing to read this blog post, you agree that I (the author) am not responsible for any loss or gain directly or indirectly when you use this chart. You (the reader) are responsible for your own actions. When you use this chart, there is a possibility of not getting the results you expected. This is because this chart may not be 100% accurate. There are probabilities of inaccuracy. If you do not intend to conceive, please use protection.

When I was pregnant with my first born, people who saw my tummy liked guessing the gender of my child. I had quite a fun time keeping them guessing and asking why they think my baby was the gender they claim it was. Honestly, I was wondering if there are individuals with X-Ray visions like Superman or something and can see the gender of my unborn child by just STARING straight at my belly. Some guesses were right, and some were wrong. But weather right or wrong, they all gave the same common answer – the shape of my belly, round for boys and oval for girls … or was it the other way around?

Some time in between, a friend of mine gave me this chart that would let us know how to select a child’s gender or for those already pregnant, identify the gender of the baby before the fourth gestational month ultrasound scan. Anyway, I’ve searched the Internet and found that there are many people who claim that this method works. And if I may add, it was correct for my first born.

How this chart works?
First, you need to know that this calendar is not based on the Gregorian calendar but Chinese Lunar calendar. So the age and months listed in the chart follows the Lunar months. So how do you calculate your age based on the lunar calendar? The answer is quite straight forward – add one year to your current age. The reason is that the day we are born we are considered 1 year olds as the 9 months (or 40 weeks… which is actually 10 months) in gestation is accounted into our age. HOWEVER, (here’s the tricky part) IF your birth date falls in January or early February, you have an extra job of needing to find out when is the lunar new year for your year of birth. If it falls BEFORE the Lunar New Year, you need to add another year (that means add 2 years to your birth year). If it’s AFTER then like everyone else, only add one year to your birth year.(If this still confuses you go to this website -

Secondly, 1st month on the chart IS NOT January. It’s actually the first month on the lunar calendar (month of the lunar new year). This year the Lunar New year falls on February 3rd 2011. So the first day of the first month (for year 2011) is February 3rd 2011. For other months, you can try using a Free Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Converter on the Internet.

How to increase my chances of accuracy?

Now out of 5 people I’ve known to use this calendar (6 including myself) only 1 of us was inaccurate. 5 of my friends obtained this chart from various individuals (friends, mother and colleagues) but they are all the same chart. For me, I’ve got my source from one of the 5. According to the one who gave me the chart, she says that to increase the chances of accuracy, make sure that the month before you plan to conceive is the same sex as the month you plan. This is so that in the event you ovulate at the end of the lunar month, the chances of inaccuracy are high when two months shows two different sexes. To make things a little easier to understand, below are 2 examples (in no relation to me or my other 5 friends).

Case One: Mrs. A
Date of birth: January 15th 1983 (Age: 28)
Based on the Lunar month, she’s already 30 years of age (her birthday falls before the lunar new year of 1983). If she plans to have a daughter, she can start anytime from the 2nd lunar month (March 5th 2011) until the 10th lunar month (November 24th 2011 is the last day - 29th day of the 10th month). If she plans for a boy, then she can start anytime from the 11th lunar month until the 2nd lunar month of the following year (November 25th 2011 until February 22nd 2012).

Case Two: Mrs. B
Date of birth: September 24th 1991 (Age: 20)
Based on the lunar month, Mrs. B is 21 years old. Her chances of conceiving a boy this year is very low as the boy month available to her was on the first lunar month this year. If she really wants a boy, she would most likely have to wait until next year when she turns 22 years of age. But if she plans for a girl, anytime from the 2nd lunar month (March 5th 2011) until the end of the 1st lunar month next year (January 23rd 2012) will do.

Like I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this post, if you follow this chart, please be aware that there is a possibility of not getting the results you wished. Of my 5 friends, 4 were accurate and 1 was not. 2 of my 4 accurate friends already have 2 children each. The other two (like me) just had our first born. As for the friend who did not get the results she desired, we could only deduce that the possibility of her inaccurate results was due to her ovulating between two lunar months with both months of different gender.Good Luck!

Updated 16 August 2011

I was at the clinic today for a routine check up and bumped into a senior lady who was waiting for her friend. She said that if a woman tries to CONCEIVE when her LUNAR AGE that ends with an ODD number (19,21,23,25,27...) there is a high chances of getting girl. While EVEN numbered (18, 20, 22, 24, 26...)LUNAR AGE results to boy. She emphasized that it will only be accurate if you know your exact lunar age at the month you try to conceive.Go to and double check just to be sure. Coincidentally (I guess), I was 28 when I conceive my daughter last year...

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