Friday, September 30, 2011

Online Shop Review: QQ Baby Shop

Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.

Print Screen of QQ Baby Shop

Shop name: QQ Baby Shop
Company Name: QQ Baby Shop (001867833-P)
Products/Services: Babies and Ladies Fashion
First Purchase Made: 3rd April 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 0

Basic Information of QQ Baby Shop from SSM

This is by far the online shop that delivers it's goods the fastest. Immediately a day after remitting the money, I got the clothes. I was pretty impressed that they delivered it so fast, but the same cannot be said about the quality of their garments. I bought from this online store together with a friend because by joining our orders, we save on transport fees.When we made our purchases we were well aware that the goods are Made in China. Now I'm not the kind who discriminate Chinese made products as I have seen good quality ones made by them. So for me to make a sweeping statement saying Made in China products are of poor quality is totally bias.

MY Purchases
 Among the 5 items purchased, only one was fulfilling my expectation for good Made in China products - the white romper on the lower right corner in the picture above. It is actually made for GAP, hence the quality in sewing and material. The bib and the green pants is okay. But the Japanese theme overalls and sailor romper is disappointing. The sewing stitches are messy. It looked like either it's been made by an amateur OR sewn in a hurry.  The stitches does not look so bad from afar, as it's only noticeable upon close inspection. Generally speaking these two garments in particular does not meet the quality I expected. Another problem is the buttons on the sailor romper. Two buttons came off after I washed it. Unfortunately the romper cannot be returned as I've thrown the original tag away.

Close up shot of one of their garments.
Anyway, when I purchased from QQ Baby Shop I had the impression that they sell quality items at cheap price. But that doesn't seem to be the case noting from the two garments with obvious flaws. In fact when I was shopping at FOS (Factory Outlet Store) 1 Utama branch I saw branded rompers (like Calvin Klein) selling at RM30 for 3 pieces. Another down side about QQ Baby Shop is they do not provide an official receipt. So the only way of making sure what you got tally with what you ordered is by checking back your shopping cart at their website OR email.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Online Shop Review: Oh, Japan!

Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.

Shop name: Oh, Japan!
Company Name: Leong Siew Wah (That's the name of the bank account holder which I have to bank the money into. So I'm assuming she's the owner)
Products/Services: Japanese Kimono and Yukata
First Purchase Made: June/July 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 0

Print Screen of Oh, Japan Blog Shop

I got a Yukata a long time ago, but didn't have an obi belt. So I Googled around and found this blog shop and decided to give it a go. I mean, how wrong can it be when the name and bank account number of the blogger is published on their blog right??

So I first browse for the obi belt and juban (inner garment worn under the yukata or kimono) I wanted and sms the number provided on the blog. I received a reply and was told the belt I wanted would have to wait for a week because they've just ran out of stock. Well, I wouldn't blame them at the time because Bon Odori was around the corner and this particular blog was having a promotion - free postage! That means, I get to save AT LEAST RM10 on postage. They also told me that I still will qualify for the free postage if I choose to wait for the belt and I agreed.

My Purchase
About a week later, I got an sms from them stating that the items I wanted are ready for delivery and I can proceed with payment. When payment was done, I notified them via sms and the waiting game begins. About 3 days later, I received the parcel in good condition along with a little bonus - one cute candy and a sample of Loreal cream. I can't remember what cream was it specifically because I've used it and threw the packing away. And as for the candy, eaten! It tasted nice and I smsed them again to ask where I can get that specific candy. But unfortunately there was no reply. I tried smsing again (thinking the sms didn't get to them) and again no reply. I was a little offended that they choose not to reply me regarding the candy. But it's their lost as it could have been another potential business transaction.

Oh, Japan does not provide receipts for my purchases. If you're not the fussy kind is okay. However it does makes me ponder with all the sales and profits she makes, does she declare this business in her income tax? Especially when there's no receipts? Well, that's technically not my problem - it's the Inland Revenue Board's. Anyway, I guess this is going to be a one off purchase from me. I don't see the need for me to make a repeat order from this blog shop. But I'll update this post in future if I ever do...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Online Shop Review: Cotton House Store

Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.

Print Screen of their website

Shop name: Cotton House Store
Company Name: Cotton House Store (AS0333240-P)
Products/Services: Cotton Yarn, Knitting and Crochet Supplies
First Purchase Made: 9th July 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 1

Basic information from SSM

Ever since my daughter was born, I've been quite addicted to knitting. The only two items I've completed is a purpler colored cocoon made from acrylic yarns and the leftover of the yarns were used to knit a ball; I'll post about those finished projects of mine later.

Anyway, I wanted to use cotton yarns to make garments for my daughter, so I Google and it lead me to Cotton House Store. Surprisingly the price for their cotton yarns are cheaper than a yarn specialty shop at a departmental store here! That specialty store was selling at least 50% more expensive. I bought from that specialty store once and reluctant to go back there again because the price is just too steep for me. It would have been cheaper if I bought my daughter a dress instead of knitting one! Coincidentally when I was browsing at Cotton House Store it was their 1st year anniversary and there was a discount. Of course I took the opportunity to get myself some yarns. But being an armature in knitting and crocheting, I made a small purchase first.

My purchases from Cotton House Store
My first purchase is actually that fuschia colored yarn. I was impressed with the quality and decided to make more purchases, but I wasn't sure which yarns are suitable for my projects. The Cotton House Store owner Miss Farahana, was kind enough to meet my friend and I in person and share with us her products. So we met at Queensbay mall and she shared her experience with us. This time I did spend quite a huge sum on kitting and crocheting supplies, but the only person who will get to enjoy my works will be my Little Miss Muffin!

I really when I make my purchases I get receipts. That way I get to check what I ordered tally. I would most likely buy from Cotton House Store again if the need arises.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Logos Hope - The floating book fair

I've actually been nagging at hubby to take me on the Logos Hope for quite some time. Finally yesterday night, hubby was free to take me there. Throughout our journey from home to Swettenham Pier we were greeted by the weekend jam. Yup, everyone was out to P-A-R-T-Y.
To me, it was a good thing. That means no one to fight with for parking spaces near the pier, right? Wrong! Star Libra was docked nearby and most of the cars parked near the pier belonged to passengers of that ship.
So we walked pass the customs guard and headed straight for the floating book fair. Take note of the crane in the picture above. We later found out from a crew that it was used to lift their vans in and out of the ship.
At the ticketing counter we were greeted by these two friendly faces. I thought the tickets were souvenirs but another crew member at the entrance collected them back... Come to think of it, I should have taken a picture of the ticket!
So up the stairs we go ...
EMPTY? There was no one except us. We sat on the life boat and listen to the briefing video. All books are priced in units and the conversion rate for 100 units on the Logos Hope is RM8
Cute little oar. Which I was tempted to play with.
Their cute round windows. And after the briefing, we head out to find the books.
And we found people too! There was quite a crowd browsing at all the books, most of them I don't see in book stores be it Popular, MPH or Borders.
A little promotion to encourage some purchases. Unfortunately this promotion is valid from Tuesday to Friday.
Religious books mainly dominate the entire floor. Second most are the children books. While the other categories available are rather limited. Anyway, the main purpose of me going on to this ship is to look for children books specially for my Little Miss Muffin.
After getting what we wanted, we proceed to the check out counter. Our cashier was a sweet looking bloke from JAMAICA~! See all the pink books in his hand? All those are for my little princess.
There was a fun section right before the International Cafe where all the adults could just sit while their kids play captain and crew.
Friends who've been here before me advised me to try their pies. But unfortunately, when we were there, "Tiada satu pun" (there was none)
For those who are interested to know what they served that night, here's their menu all priced in Malaysian Currency.
At one corner we saw this cute donation box. Drop a coin and see it roll... Alas, we only had notes in our pockets :-P
At one corner right after the cafe is a small room. I overheard some guy said it was about HIV awareness and stuffs. But I wasn't so keen on figuring out what was in that room myself.
Right before the exit was the fun part for hubby and I as we spent nearly 15 minutes staring at their banners.
Particularly this one.Try guessing which crew member came from which country...  Some of the crew members were easily identified to their country of origin due to their unique names. While most others, you'll just have to make random guesses.
The receptionist near the exit
And on our way out was a rectangular window instead of those cute little round ones.
Their emergency life boat. Do note that the stairway on the right are for crew members only while on the left is for the general public.
The name on the ship at the front hull.
And on our way out of the pier, their van zoomed by.
They had another one parked by the gates. And if you noticed carefully, it's left hand drive!
And we jammed our way back home. No thanks to those party goers.
Yup, and here are the books we bought. Spent a whopping RM 188.00 on all those. But its worth it. The two small books on the right (Princess and the Pea and Aladdin) comes with a CD.

Today is already their last day in Penang.They will then dock at the following places
  • Port Klang, MALAYSIA (29 September – 23 October 2011) Click here for more information.
  • Kuching, MALAYSIA (28 October – 14 November 2011) Click here for more information
  • Kota Kinabalu, MALAYSIA  (18 November – 4 December 2011) Click here for more information
  • SINGAPORE (17-27 December 2011) Click here for more information

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Online Shop Review: Best Buy World Malaysia

Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.

Shop name: Best Buy World Malaysia
Company Name: Telescan Network Sdn Bhd (572271-X)
Products/Services: Cosmetic and Skincare Products
First Purchase Made: 24th April 2010
Number of orders made since first purchase: 3

Since I made my first online shopping at Best Bust World Malaysia, I think it's only fair to make them my first online shop review. Click HERE to read my first online shopping experience.

Basic Information from SSM

One and a half years later, I've made 3 subsequent purchases with my latest purchase made on May 17, 2011.In all my 4 experiences I only had one minor glitch - a bag was damaged probably during delivery. I called them up and the person who picked up the phone asked me to post it back to them and they will send me a new one AND refund my postage fee. In less than a week I got my replacement AND the money for postage! Another thing I like about this online shop is that they give an official receipt along with your arrival of your goods. This way you can check your items quickly instead of referring to your email.

First Purchase from Best Buy World Malaysia

In short, I will still continue purchasing from their site as long as they have what I need and can provide at a cheaper price.

Update October 14, 2011
Print Screen from Companies Registry of Hong Kong
The company named YINLAI TRADING (HK) LIMITED (Company Registry Number 1181316) is a Hong Kong registered business incorporated in 02-Nov-2007. In 06-Oct-2010, the company name is changed to BEST BUY WORLD (HK) LIMITED. Sourced directly from Hong Kong's Companies Registry -

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last weekend I had this spur of the moment thingy. You know those kind where you just do something because you just want to? I wanted to help blogger Jessying with her blog shop. No, not selling her stuffs, but to redesign her blog. So without thinking twice, I started searching the World Wide Web for inspiration and possible blog templates that could fit her blog shop well.

While working half way, I started to have second thoughts. A sudden surge of negative thoughts start flooding in (I think my horoscope has something to do with this negativity). Thoughts like what if she doesn't like or what if she doesn't want or what if she gets angry? So I emailed her and showed her a preview of what I did and asked if she would like it?

She gave me a resounding YES and I was almost done! Yea, for some unknown reasons, while waiting for her reply I ended up completing 70%. Well, she's already changed to the new design template. So do drop by her blog shop at to have a look if you like. Unfortunately I forgot to make a print screen of her blog BEFORE and AFTER!

Anyway Jess, I'm really glad you loved it. Enjoy your new design layout!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giveaway prize from Hankerie

Just this evening I received the silicon cupcake mold from Hankerie. The one that I won from her giveaway. I'm just so excited at the moment that I can't sleep and have to blog about this!

I'm still undecided on what to bake at the moment. Even if I were to bake something for my Little Miss Muffin, she can't eat because she can only consume pureed food. Maybe I'll just do some simple custards and let her have a nibble...

Anyway, I have to say thanks to Hanker for allowing such an opportunity.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hubby got HACKED... and I almost

Just this evening I was checking my mail and I received an email from my hubby. At first I thought nothing but felt weird why on earth would my husband want to email me when he's no more than 10 feet away? So I opened the email and realized it was a spam mail. I called out to him and asked why did he spam me. He came over to read the email and the first thing that came to mind was to change the passwords.

I then reminded him to send out a second email to his contacts NOT to click on the link. I don't know if anyone did, but lets hope not okay? While we were in our mids of changing password to our account, hubby started pondering on how he got hacked. When he accessed his Paypal account, he received a notification that there were suspicious activity in the pass few days of someone trying to access his account. Immediately he knew it had to do with the last transaction - made by ME.

On the 5th of September, I made an online purchase from a particular Malaysian group discount site. It was a tempting bargain and so I bugged my hubby to allow my purchase. I know this may sound weird to some of you, but I'm the type who loves to ask permission before doing EVERYTHING. Its my way of getting attention. Anyway, hubby gave the green light so I proceeded with the deal. I remembered 3 forms of payment available at that discount site - credit card, bank transfer and paypal. Initially I choose bank transfer. Right before I was about to enter my account name and password, I realized something was extremely wrong. The layout for the bank website was wrong - VERY WRONG. So hubby advised me not to use bank transfer and use PayPal instead.

I then switched to Paypal payment using my hubby's account. After the transaction was done, I thought nothing of it until today (which I remembered I have YET to receive the goods I've purchased). Unfortunately we do not have any hard evidence to prove that this hacking was caused by that particular website. But we have our own suspicions due to the sudden surge in spam mails AND the notification he received from Paypal regarding unauthorized accessed happened right after this transactions.

Anyway, the good thing about Paypal is they have good security. Nothing was lost but I'll for sure be wary of making purchases online in future. As for the things I've bought from that site? I've got a 45 days from the purchase date (5th Sept) to block Paypal from proceeding with payment. If I don't get my stocks before the end of September, I'll just get hubby to tell Paypal to stop payment! (^_^)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bujang Valley Archeological Museum.

While on our way to Gunung Jerai, we made an impromptu visit to one of the most mentioned places in Malaysian textbooks – The Pengkalan Bujang Archeological Site and The Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum in Kedah. Two places within a few kilometers of each other but hardly any visitors.
It was not hard to find the archeological site since I had a GPS in hand (God bless those folks who made GPS available to the common man/woman). Just follow the instructions and you’ll find this weirdly fenced up area in the middle of a paddy field. Right next to its main gates is someone’s house! Firstly it wasn’t open to public (hence no proper signboard at the location itself). Secondly there wasn’t anyone around to answer our questions. So we took one random shot and head straight to the museum instead.

We weren’t sure if the museum was opened in the first place or not because it was an impromptu visit. And apart from guiding us to our destination, Miss GPS couldn’t tell us the museum’s operating hours. Upon arrival, we found out that the Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum is closed twice a year – on the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and first day of Hari Raya Aidiladha (Haji). Entrance is FREE!
When we walked in, we were greeted by 2 staffs. They asked us to sign the guest book which we happily obliged and proceeded entering the museum unescorted. From what I gather for my observation is there is about 50 archeological sites in Kedah. Unfortunately, there weren’t any details on the site’s location. Well, they did write about which artifacts came from which site number, but they didn’t say where the site was. To add more confusion to the already clueless, both the staff that greeted us had no idea what was the site number for the Pengkalan Bujang Archeological Site that we just visited! So we won’t know what was plucked out from that land behind those fence…
The attempt of having all the artifacts described in bilingual was done half heartedly. Some of the exhibits had both English and Malay but mostly only Malay. If I were to bring my daughter here again in the future, I would personally have to do quite a LOT of homework. Never mind that almost everything is written in Malay, I have no problem understanding the language. It’s just that those who, what, where, when, why and how are mostly left unanswered. NONE of the exhibit has dates on them to show if the artifact was a recent find or not. Take the exhibit of the glass fragments below. They never mentioned where exactly the glass was found or any detailed information to prove that the glass was from 13th Century AD (i.e. carbon dating) and not from someone’s old perfume bottle!
Hubby argued that because the museum depend 100% from the government for financial aid and charge nothing to the general public, I shouldn’t complain so much. Yes, I know we entered that museum without paying a single cent (yes, even parking is free). But there was so little information, my mind felt like those fragment of glasses. Just bits and pieces here and there; how am I to recommend or even bring someone to this museum when I as a local have no clue?
Many exhibits were worn out by the elements, but one stood out beautifully. A granite carving of Lord Ganesha, the most perfect undamaged fine carving. According to the description label, its finding location is unknown. So to speak, this museum holds this fine and detailed carving of Lord Ganesha but don’t know where it was found. Could it really be from somewhere in Bujang Valley or was it plucked from the temples of Borobudur??
Outside the museum are temple ruins which are mostly reconstructed. But with the hot glaring sun, we couldn’t stay long.
Name: Bujang Valley Archeological Museum (Muzium Arkeologi Lembah Bujang)
Address: Merbok, 08400 Kedah
Telephone: +6044572005
GPS location: N 5°44.237 E 100°24.858
Decimal Degree: Lat 5.737289 Long 100.41430
Entrance Fee: FREE OF CHARGE
Visiting Hours: Everyday 0900-1700 Hrs
closed on 1st day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and 1st day of Hari Raya Aidiladha