Saturday, September 10, 2011

FREE - MamyPoko Diaper Samples

Today I had a 'special' package dropped into my mail box. I don't know why but I've got this weird habit of constantly peeking into my mail box for letters. As though hoping someone would send me letters. But the only mail that arrives regularly are my credit card bills and insurance! Anyway, this package was actually my request for Mamypoko diaper samples for my daughter.
My daughter is already using this brand. They have 2 kinds, the regular tape diapers and the pants diaper. So I requested the pants diapers since she's currently using the tape diapers. It took them about a month to arrived at my doorstep. Good thing that it was mentioned in their website that it will take some time for them to process the application and have it delivered. Otherwise people might just accidentally request a size too small! I've let her use one of the diapers. Personally I think I'll stick to using those regular tape diapers. It's quite inconvenient to put on for an infant. Perhaps when she's a toddler, it'll be a lot easier.

Anyway, this is only my opinion. If you're interested to try it our yourself, click here to get your Mamypoko diaper samples delivered to your doorstep*! There is no time limit for this. So as long as the link works, you can request for one.



  1. hmm.. the design is not same the one my baby using now.. is it new product?

  2. Yuki, I don't know. I have not try the pants type before. But according to the request form on their website there is two type of pants diapers - Extra soft fit and Easy fit pants. I forgotten which of the two pants I requested. It's not mentioned in their accopanying letter (^_^)


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