Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hubby got HACKED... and I almost

Just this evening I was checking my mail and I received an email from my hubby. At first I thought nothing but felt weird why on earth would my husband want to email me when he's no more than 10 feet away? So I opened the email and realized it was a spam mail. I called out to him and asked why did he spam me. He came over to read the email and the first thing that came to mind was to change the passwords.

I then reminded him to send out a second email to his contacts NOT to click on the link. I don't know if anyone did, but lets hope not okay? While we were in our mids of changing password to our account, hubby started pondering on how he got hacked. When he accessed his Paypal account, he received a notification that there were suspicious activity in the pass few days of someone trying to access his account. Immediately he knew it had to do with the last transaction - made by ME.

On the 5th of September, I made an online purchase from a particular Malaysian group discount site. It was a tempting bargain and so I bugged my hubby to allow my purchase. I know this may sound weird to some of you, but I'm the type who loves to ask permission before doing EVERYTHING. Its my way of getting attention. Anyway, hubby gave the green light so I proceeded with the deal. I remembered 3 forms of payment available at that discount site - credit card, bank transfer and paypal. Initially I choose bank transfer. Right before I was about to enter my account name and password, I realized something was extremely wrong. The layout for the bank website was wrong - VERY WRONG. So hubby advised me not to use bank transfer and use PayPal instead.

I then switched to Paypal payment using my hubby's account. After the transaction was done, I thought nothing of it until today (which I remembered I have YET to receive the goods I've purchased). Unfortunately we do not have any hard evidence to prove that this hacking was caused by that particular website. But we have our own suspicions due to the sudden surge in spam mails AND the notification he received from Paypal regarding unauthorized accessed happened right after this transactions.

Anyway, the good thing about Paypal is they have good security. Nothing was lost but I'll for sure be wary of making purchases online in future. As for the things I've bought from that site? I've got a 45 days from the purchase date (5th Sept) to block Paypal from proceeding with payment. If I don't get my stocks before the end of September, I'll just get hubby to tell Paypal to stop payment! (^_^)


  1. There was some attempted hacking on my g-mail account some months ago. changed my password as well.

    the first thing you can do is to check on login details.
    1) scroll to the bottom of g-mail.
    2) clck on the blue link "details"
    3) it'll show you the recent logins, location and ip

    Google was awesome enough to prevent login from some guy in the europe. can't remember exactly which country though. it was that long ago.

    anyways, hacking isn't that difficult. in fact i won't consider it hacking.

    I'm sure that when you buy the stuff, you'll need to create an account which require username and password. since they already have your e-mail address, they'll use this password or username or variations on it onto your e-mails.

    and since you paid on paypall, they tried their luck on it too.

    that's why it's important to have separate passwords for different accounts.

  2. Thanks for the input bro. Good thing nothing is lost this time. Have to be extra careful in future

  3. my blog, email, fb n twitter was hacked a while go !!! Phewwww.. lucky managed to get backkk!! Omg which msian group buying website ???

  4. Well Jess, I'm not at a liberty to type out that company name because I do not have concrete evidence to point that they are the cause of it. Maybe they got hacked but didn't realized it... I will be doing a review on all the online shops that I have patronize. See if you can guess which one... don't worry it won't be difficult (^_^)


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