Sunday, September 25, 2011

Logos Hope - The floating book fair

I've actually been nagging at hubby to take me on the Logos Hope for quite some time. Finally yesterday night, hubby was free to take me there. Throughout our journey from home to Swettenham Pier we were greeted by the weekend jam. Yup, everyone was out to P-A-R-T-Y.
To me, it was a good thing. That means no one to fight with for parking spaces near the pier, right? Wrong! Star Libra was docked nearby and most of the cars parked near the pier belonged to passengers of that ship.
So we walked pass the customs guard and headed straight for the floating book fair. Take note of the crane in the picture above. We later found out from a crew that it was used to lift their vans in and out of the ship.
At the ticketing counter we were greeted by these two friendly faces. I thought the tickets were souvenirs but another crew member at the entrance collected them back... Come to think of it, I should have taken a picture of the ticket!
So up the stairs we go ...
EMPTY? There was no one except us. We sat on the life boat and listen to the briefing video. All books are priced in units and the conversion rate for 100 units on the Logos Hope is RM8
Cute little oar. Which I was tempted to play with.
Their cute round windows. And after the briefing, we head out to find the books.
And we found people too! There was quite a crowd browsing at all the books, most of them I don't see in book stores be it Popular, MPH or Borders.
A little promotion to encourage some purchases. Unfortunately this promotion is valid from Tuesday to Friday.
Religious books mainly dominate the entire floor. Second most are the children books. While the other categories available are rather limited. Anyway, the main purpose of me going on to this ship is to look for children books specially for my Little Miss Muffin.
After getting what we wanted, we proceed to the check out counter. Our cashier was a sweet looking bloke from JAMAICA~! See all the pink books in his hand? All those are for my little princess.
There was a fun section right before the International Cafe where all the adults could just sit while their kids play captain and crew.
Friends who've been here before me advised me to try their pies. But unfortunately, when we were there, "Tiada satu pun" (there was none)
For those who are interested to know what they served that night, here's their menu all priced in Malaysian Currency.
At one corner we saw this cute donation box. Drop a coin and see it roll... Alas, we only had notes in our pockets :-P
At one corner right after the cafe is a small room. I overheard some guy said it was about HIV awareness and stuffs. But I wasn't so keen on figuring out what was in that room myself.
Right before the exit was the fun part for hubby and I as we spent nearly 15 minutes staring at their banners.
Particularly this one.Try guessing which crew member came from which country...  Some of the crew members were easily identified to their country of origin due to their unique names. While most others, you'll just have to make random guesses.
The receptionist near the exit
And on our way out was a rectangular window instead of those cute little round ones.
Their emergency life boat. Do note that the stairway on the right are for crew members only while on the left is for the general public.
The name on the ship at the front hull.
And on our way out of the pier, their van zoomed by.
They had another one parked by the gates. And if you noticed carefully, it's left hand drive!
And we jammed our way back home. No thanks to those party goers.
Yup, and here are the books we bought. Spent a whopping RM 188.00 on all those. But its worth it. The two small books on the right (Princess and the Pea and Aladdin) comes with a CD.

Today is already their last day in Penang.They will then dock at the following places
  • Port Klang, MALAYSIA (29 September – 23 October 2011) Click here for more information.
  • Kuching, MALAYSIA (28 October – 14 November 2011) Click here for more information
  • Kota Kinabalu, MALAYSIA  (18 November – 4 December 2011) Click here for more information
  • SINGAPORE (17-27 December 2011) Click here for more information

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