Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Terabyte...

 A while ago I was sorting out our personal movie collection. While shuffling through every single file, I started to recount how many movie titles I have with me. Instead of using the age old method of paper and pen, I opted for the more “sophisticated” way of using Microsoft Excel. Well, there’s nothing to brag about Excel since it’s now a common utility in almost every computer. Original or pirated? Well, that’s another topic for another blog post ok?

While documenting our collection I’ve realized how times have changed. Those days you get movies in a form of VCR tapes – it was space consuming! I remembered going to one of my relative’s house and he showed us his VCR collection. Other than staring at super old movies, he complained about hardly ever watching them because the tape more often than not gets caught in the player. What worse when the tape is accidentally left in the player AND Dumb Dork hit the record button! World War Three ensued, but instead of the video tape owner waging war against Dumb Dork, Dumb Dora took the blame instead. Ah…. Classic story of framing people~!

Anyway, when CDs and DVDs were born, pirated movies becomes the most successful illegal business in the world. It practically became the MOST sought after “job” by those who want quick cash. But since Lucy and her other black Labrador pal (forgotten its name) are trained to sniff out polycarbonate, business has never been any easier. But like their VCR counterparts, you still need space to keep those CDs and DVDs. File, box, rack, and drawer… whatever the storage method you’ll run out of space soon.

Then a light bulb moment appears. Hard disks – your ultimate solution to storing as many, many movies it can store. My first thumb drive cost me RM100 for a mere 1G. Yes, it was THAT EXPENSIVE. My hubby (then boyfriend) wasted hours consoling me that it was a good deal because it was already cheaper than the year before. Somewhere between sobs I remembered him telling me he paid twice the amount for only half the storage space… technology! Fast forward pass graduation and our wedding bells, we heard news that price for a 1 terabyte storage space is dropping because 2 terabyte and 4 terabyte is out on the horizon…

By the time we made our purchase on the Western Digital 2TB My Book, I’ve already lost track on what’s the biggest in the market. It didn’t bother me because I thought 2TB is so HUGE, I could store gazillions of movies! Or try squeezing all the movies on into THAT Black Book. Basically, that’s when the actual downloading spree began. Simply said; all those movie titles that once sat on my relative’s shelf collecting dust, is now cramped into this tiny little black colored gadget no bigger than the Oxford Dictionary AND I still have 50% of free space! Some may argue that I should try storing HD movies which is averagely 1GB per movie title… But that’s exactly what I did. I only pick HD movies so I can watch them with my friends and family on a projector, rather than all squeeze together trying to watch from a mini little Lenovo Netbook (I've tried it, it's fun occasionally on cold raining nights. But not when someone starts letting go gas). At this point, I just LOVE those blokes on PirateBay (now blocked courtesy of the Malaysian Government)  for the movies available are so much better than those Ah Beng DVD Pirates.

Fast forward another 20 years down the road, today's hit movie has become tomorrow's history. Suddenly everyone is searching for a movie that can hardly be found in stores or online. While everyone searches high and low for it, there you have that particular movie stored nicely in your little Black Book. And a Ka-Ching moment appears...

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