Monday, September 26, 2011

Online Shop Review: Cotton House Store

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Shop name: Cotton House Store
Company Name: Cotton House Store (AS0333240-P)
Products/Services: Cotton Yarn, Knitting and Crochet Supplies
First Purchase Made: 9th July 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 1

Basic information from SSM

Ever since my daughter was born, I've been quite addicted to knitting. The only two items I've completed is a purpler colored cocoon made from acrylic yarns and the leftover of the yarns were used to knit a ball; I'll post about those finished projects of mine later.

Anyway, I wanted to use cotton yarns to make garments for my daughter, so I Google and it lead me to Cotton House Store. Surprisingly the price for their cotton yarns are cheaper than a yarn specialty shop at a departmental store here! That specialty store was selling at least 50% more expensive. I bought from that specialty store once and reluctant to go back there again because the price is just too steep for me. It would have been cheaper if I bought my daughter a dress instead of knitting one! Coincidentally when I was browsing at Cotton House Store it was their 1st year anniversary and there was a discount. Of course I took the opportunity to get myself some yarns. But being an armature in knitting and crocheting, I made a small purchase first.

My purchases from Cotton House Store
My first purchase is actually that fuschia colored yarn. I was impressed with the quality and decided to make more purchases, but I wasn't sure which yarns are suitable for my projects. The Cotton House Store owner Miss Farahana, was kind enough to meet my friend and I in person and share with us her products. So we met at Queensbay mall and she shared her experience with us. This time I did spend quite a huge sum on kitting and crocheting supplies, but the only person who will get to enjoy my works will be my Little Miss Muffin!

I really when I make my purchases I get receipts. That way I get to check what I ordered tally. I would most likely buy from Cotton House Store again if the need arises.


  1. Thanks for this review :) I need to purchase some needles, hooks and yarn, and now I know that Cotton House Store can be trusted, so I'll be buying from them. Thanks again.

  2. Shima Ibrahim, You are welcome.


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