Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Online Shop Review: Oh, Japan!

Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.

Shop name: Oh, Japan!
Company Name: Leong Siew Wah (That's the name of the bank account holder which I have to bank the money into. So I'm assuming she's the owner)
Products/Services: Japanese Kimono and Yukata
First Purchase Made: June/July 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 0

Print Screen of Oh, Japan Blog Shop

I got a Yukata a long time ago, but didn't have an obi belt. So I Googled around and found this blog shop and decided to give it a go. I mean, how wrong can it be when the name and bank account number of the blogger is published on their blog right??

So I first browse for the obi belt and juban (inner garment worn under the yukata or kimono) I wanted and sms the number provided on the blog. I received a reply and was told the belt I wanted would have to wait for a week because they've just ran out of stock. Well, I wouldn't blame them at the time because Bon Odori was around the corner and this particular blog was having a promotion - free postage! That means, I get to save AT LEAST RM10 on postage. They also told me that I still will qualify for the free postage if I choose to wait for the belt and I agreed.

My Purchase
About a week later, I got an sms from them stating that the items I wanted are ready for delivery and I can proceed with payment. When payment was done, I notified them via sms and the waiting game begins. About 3 days later, I received the parcel in good condition along with a little bonus - one cute candy and a sample of Loreal cream. I can't remember what cream was it specifically because I've used it and threw the packing away. And as for the candy, eaten! It tasted nice and I smsed them again to ask where I can get that specific candy. But unfortunately there was no reply. I tried smsing again (thinking the sms didn't get to them) and again no reply. I was a little offended that they choose not to reply me regarding the candy. But it's their lost as it could have been another potential business transaction.

Oh, Japan does not provide receipts for my purchases. If you're not the fussy kind is okay. However it does makes me ponder with all the sales and profits she makes, does she declare this business in her income tax? Especially when there's no receipts? Well, that's technically not my problem - it's the Inland Revenue Board's. Anyway, I guess this is going to be a one off purchase from me. I don't see the need for me to make a repeat order from this blog shop. But I'll update this post in future if I ever do...

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