Friday, September 30, 2011

Online Shop Review: QQ Baby Shop

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Print Screen of QQ Baby Shop

Shop name: QQ Baby Shop
Company Name: QQ Baby Shop (001867833-P)
Products/Services: Babies and Ladies Fashion
First Purchase Made: 3rd April 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 0

Basic Information of QQ Baby Shop from SSM

This is by far the online shop that delivers it's goods the fastest. Immediately a day after remitting the money, I got the clothes. I was pretty impressed that they delivered it so fast, but the same cannot be said about the quality of their garments. I bought from this online store together with a friend because by joining our orders, we save on transport fees.When we made our purchases we were well aware that the goods are Made in China. Now I'm not the kind who discriminate Chinese made products as I have seen good quality ones made by them. So for me to make a sweeping statement saying Made in China products are of poor quality is totally bias.

MY Purchases
 Among the 5 items purchased, only one was fulfilling my expectation for good Made in China products - the white romper on the lower right corner in the picture above. It is actually made for GAP, hence the quality in sewing and material. The bib and the green pants is okay. But the Japanese theme overalls and sailor romper is disappointing. The sewing stitches are messy. It looked like either it's been made by an amateur OR sewn in a hurry.  The stitches does not look so bad from afar, as it's only noticeable upon close inspection. Generally speaking these two garments in particular does not meet the quality I expected. Another problem is the buttons on the sailor romper. Two buttons came off after I washed it. Unfortunately the romper cannot be returned as I've thrown the original tag away.

Close up shot of one of their garments.
Anyway, when I purchased from QQ Baby Shop I had the impression that they sell quality items at cheap price. But that doesn't seem to be the case noting from the two garments with obvious flaws. In fact when I was shopping at FOS (Factory Outlet Store) 1 Utama branch I saw branded rompers (like Calvin Klein) selling at RM30 for 3 pieces. Another down side about QQ Baby Shop is they do not provide an official receipt. So the only way of making sure what you got tally with what you ordered is by checking back your shopping cart at their website OR email.

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