Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last weekend I had this spur of the moment thingy. You know those kind where you just do something because you just want to? I wanted to help blogger Jessying with her blog shop. No, not selling her stuffs, but to redesign her blog. So without thinking twice, I started searching the World Wide Web for inspiration and possible blog templates that could fit her blog shop well.

While working half way, I started to have second thoughts. A sudden surge of negative thoughts start flooding in (I think my horoscope has something to do with this negativity). Thoughts like what if she doesn't like or what if she doesn't want or what if she gets angry? So I emailed her and showed her a preview of what I did and asked if she would like it?

She gave me a resounding YES and I was almost done! Yea, for some unknown reasons, while waiting for her reply I ended up completing 70%. Well, she's already changed to the new design template. So do drop by her blog shop at to have a look if you like. Unfortunately I forgot to make a print screen of her blog BEFORE and AFTER!

Anyway Jess, I'm really glad you loved it. Enjoy your new design layout!


  1. definitely i love it !! thanks for being so kind to help to design my blog!!! Thank you once again!

    p/s: i left a similar comment earlier but did not appear.. hmm..

  2. That's odd, I didn't see any comments.

    Anyway, you're welcome. I'm glad you love it.


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