Saturday, October 22, 2011

Early Exposure

I was told by elders that children either start talking first or start walking first; rarely both at the same time. Looking at my little Miss Muffin, it's obvious that she'll be a chatter box at a young age because she's already calling me "MAMA". Yup, at 6 months old my darling princess knows who her Mama is and I'm so thrilled. The first time I heard her call wasn't really clear. It sounded more like mumbling so I didn't count that in. The next day was her second Hepatitis B dose and the pain of the injection made her yelled out “MAMA” loud and clear. Even the nurse who administered the shot was stunted. I am happy she could call me Mama, I’m now slowly teaching her to call Papa. Its real cool that my daughter might just be able to mumble a few words coming Chinese New Year HOWEVER, she's not able to crawl yet. Roll around till she knocks herself silly, yes. But crawling? Nada

So since she'll learn to talk before she walks, I had to start hunting for books that are suitable for her. My first priority is to either get her those cloth books or cardboard books - whichever cheaper. My first thought was to buy cloth ones because you can wash them in the event they get dirty or when my daughter decides to drool or maybe “taste” the book. So while we went shopping, I made it a point to drop by the children’s department for such books. The scary part was finding out the price tag! One cloth book cost at least RM40! The cardboard book cost wasn’t any cheaper either. Local publications are cheaper than imports BUT some are riddled with spelling errors I wonder how on Earth can the editor approve such materials in the first place?!

Before Logos Hope opened its doors to the public two months ago in Penang, Borders at Queens Bay Mall was having a book sale. Some of their books were sold at 70% discount. I dived in their discount bins looking for the right book for my little Miss Muffin and came out with some books in hand. It would have been more than what you see in the picture but most of the books were so badly damaged it's just not worth the purchase. In total the 6 books above cost me RM65.05 (round up to the nearest 5 cents). IF I were to pay the full price for all 6 books, it would have cost me a whopping RM138.00!

With these books in hand, I won’t be getting those cloth books for my daughter. This is more than enough to keep her busy. So if anyone is interested in getting children books, keep an eye on those book sales. You'll never know when you hit the jackpot!


  1. I know a mummy from FB who sells cloth books at a reasonable price. You can search/look up 'Old & New Stuff For Sale' in FB.

    The cloth books photos are uploaded in her 'Shoes & socks / Baby & Kids Stuff / Safety harness /Bowls' photo album.


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