Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kotex Sanitary Towel Samples

I made a sample request for Kotex sanitary towels some months back. But didn't quite have the time to blog about it until now. I received two packages actually, both are samples from Kotex. One package carries the panty liners and the other is the sanitary towel. Actually I've been using their products since my school days. I'm not the kind who likes to change brands unless absolute necessary. So why ask for samples when I'm already using them? Well, these are their latest products with additional features. So instead of buying them, why not try them for FREE!

Okay, I admit that I AM becoming into those typical village housewife (Ah Sim) that love free stuffs! And I'm not afraid to ADMIT it. For those of you who are interested in getting free stuffs mailed to your homes also, click on my FREE Samples tab below to read about ALL the free stuffs I got via mail. Alright now back to this free Kotex samples!

They have a wide range of panty liners for different uses. For details of their products click here. And to request for samples, click on this link.

Kotex Luxe is their latest product. Sanitary towels with designs! Personally I find it quite cute to have sanitary towels with doodles on it. But it's not like those fancy bras and kickers where you get to show them off to your husband! I guess the only person who will be seeing those doodles is you yourself, so why the doodle sanitary towels, eh?? Anyway, if you are also interested to try one or just get it for fun, click here to request for your free sample today!

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