Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Online Shop Review: Mon Meill

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Print Screen of Mon Meill deal in Groupon
Print Screen of Mon Meill website
Shop name: Mon Meill
Company Name: UNKNOWN
Products/Services: Jewelry
First Purchase Made: 5th September 2011
Number of orders made since first purchase: 0
Note: Purchased via Groupon Malaysia. To read my review on Groupon Malaysia, click here.

I made my purchase in Groupon Malaysia for this jewelry set for RM128.00. The images of their jewelry in Groupon Malaysia and their Mon Meill website looked beautiful. I guess it’s all worth their effort to engage a professional photographer. But the that arrived looked totally off...
It took them 23 days to arrive (ordered on September 5th, 2011 and arrived in my office on September 28th 2011). When the parcel arrived, the box was a little dented. They did not use any form of padded packaging (ie bubble wrap) to prevent the jewelry box from being damaged. So those who had purchased this for someone else might be very much disappointed.
When I took out the products, the jewelry was not up to expectation. Their images portray flawless finished but the actual product showed cheap workmanship. According to the description on Groupon Malaysia website, it’s supposed to be made of 925 sterling silver and 18-karat gold plating. HOWEVER there is no mention of 18-karat gold plating on the product tag OR brochure; just the words Silver 925. But I don’t know. From the looks of it, I think the Kenji and Dennii jewelry I bought in 1 Utama looks of better quality. By the way, anyone knows how to check if this jewelry really contains 18-k gold plating??
Anyway, I asked my hubby to help me check if the words SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA engraved on the stone. He used his camera with magnifying glass attached to the macro lens and managed to capture something that looks quite like it. Sorry, shakey hands so the image is a little fuzzy.
Another thing mentioned in Groupon Malaysia website is the "Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA" quality tag. But in the group discussion, Groupon Malaysia says "provide cert of authenticity". As far as I can see, there was no authenticity certificate but a simple tag to say this product is made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA. (I smell a hint of deception here)
So, will I buy from Mon Meill in future? Never. They claimed that this set I purchased originally cost RM520. BUT I doubt that is even worth RM128.00. They also claimed that it has 18-K gold plating. BUT I don’t see those words written anywhere inside their brochure OR product label. In the Groupon Malaysia page, they mentioned it's good as a gift HOWEVER, the box I received was dented because they didn't use any bubble wrap. They too state that I’ll receive my product within two weeks (that’s 14 days) BUT that did NOT happen. Even thou they stated that redemption period starts from September 11th, 14 days later is September 25th. But mind you my order only arrived on the 28th. Still LATE! Looking at it right now, I felt like I’ve just been ripped off!

Maybe I should have taken the hint when I cannot locate the name of the company responsible for Mon Meill brand...


  1. This is even a more detailed review. They delivered way behind schedule and the product looks indeed not as promoted. Something like that must get on the nerves. Have a great week.

  2. Thank you Rosidah! Yes indeed I was upset when I received the products. Since they don't have money back guarantee policy, I decided to blog about it to let others know of my opinion...

  3. the last pic was how the pendant look like coming out from the bag? that looks awful!

  4. Yes Clayden,

    That is a close up image of the actual product when I took it out of the bag.

  5. looks like a lot of scratches... but it looks good from far?

  6. btw, i was contacting Mon Meill on their Facebook page and pasted the close up photo on their page. This is their reply "thank you for your reply. However, we would not comment with any photo which we do not know how and what technique it was being taken. But if customers have found quality problems, please contact us or malaysia groupon IMMEDIATELY after he/she has taken the products. MON MEILL will act approximately. MON MEILL CONCERNS QUALITY THE MOST."

  7. Thank you for this post. I was thinking about purchasing this as well, but I have changed my mind.

  8. Clayden,

    It's not noticeable if you're standing a feet away from it. It'll look like the picture of the pendant and the earrings.

    Anyway, I am fully aware that Mon Meill allows returns/exchange HOWEVER I read from Groupon discussion board ( read here) that I have to pay for the postage if I were to return it...

  9. good of you to share your review, i was quite close to buy this for my girl, not anymore. kudos to blog owner, cheers!

  10. Johan Marco,

    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad I shared this in my blog.

  11. Thank you for your review, I almost purchase their another offer in Groupon because it looked really nice.

  12. Thank you Yilin. I'm glad I shared this in my blog.

  13. Thanks for your sharing, i am about to buy it via Groupon HK, and it's just HK$158 here:

  14. Thanks for the review. Was *almost* tempted* into buying it as well.

  15. They have delayed mine as well, delay after delay. It shows they don't have the "HEART" to serve for theirs value customer. From the looks of it, I am glad I have asked for refund. Thanks for letting everyone knows. Just do not buy from Mon Meill anymore, that's a warning. Too bad, groupon always trying to proctect them, it will damaging groupon's reputation.

  16. Hi, Waileng...
    Thanks for your comment. Actually I plan to buy for my wife, luckily saw your comment.
    According to them, they said they have settled your case, may I know how they settle it with you and are you satisfy with it?

  17. Actually, the only thing done by Groupon is sending me an appology email. Nothing else was done after that.

    I bloged about it here -

    In that blog post I've published the email from Groupon for everyone to read. Probably what hunt3r says is true, they are not sincere in serving their customers...

  18. I just read your comments on Mon Meill products. Oh my! I ordered mine through Groupon Malaysia 2 weeks ago and it's yet to arrive by 3rth Feb. I hope i won't be disappointed as you are.

  19. Nancy, I hope yours will turn out well...

  20. Dear Waileng,

    Your blog saved others and my self from making a big leap of mistake by purchasing product from Mon Meill. Their add in Groupon is such a temptation to buy due to close up pictures which shows their product to be such a high end brand & quality. Your blog clarifies the scam behind it.
    Now they have a new product that they are promoting in groupon. Guys, make a research before purchasing your product.

    Thank you for sharing. :)

  21. hi there
    my name is Ries emery.
    mind can i know further on the item you post.
    actually i do handmade using swarovski elements.
    i am very interested on seeing the item you bought. as very interesting the swarovski zirconia. and i am still studying on every info for product
    pls email me at
    Thank you

    P/s : An early reply from you is highly appreciated ,tq

  22. Unknown, you are welcome.

    Ries Emery, perhaps you would like to ask Mon Meill company directly. You can do that by visiting their official Facebook page HERE
    Good luck~!

  23. nasib baik i have not bought any monmeill jewelry from groupon (hmm, can i blame groupon as well?)

    i guess buyers will just have to be cautious when buying swarovzki zirconia online. viewing at the shop would be better.

    thanks Waileng for this review.

  24. Sharifah Zahira, I'm glad you appreciate my review. Thank you.

  25. Bought this too. So far i am satisfied with it. :)
    Maybe because this was the first jewelery that i bought so I did not expect much.

  26. Sticktomy,

    I'm glad you are satisfied with your purchase. Thank you for your opinion (^_^)

  27. hu..baru dh order bln lepas.
    lepas isi form dia tu..
    ade x monmeill reply apa2 email y menandakn dia dh terima order kita?
    saya xdpt pape tanda/jawapa y dia akn proceed borang saya.

  28. IMJ_sensi, Sorry ya lambat jawab sebab sibuk dengan anak. Anyway, kalau anda masih menunggu order anda, sila email kepada pihak Groupon serta merta.

  29. I just received it few days ago for the ring....very very disappointed as the actual product do not looks shinning as on web site...besides, its different too....the ring showed on web site there were 6 pcs of "stand" to hold the so called STONE, but actual product received was only 4 pcs of "stand".....i think with the price paid easily can get a nicer and cheaper at any shopping complex or even night market....GROUPON....plz block this kinda products or company....or else i wont shop again using GROUPON...coz i rather pay more n shop by seing the REAL product

  30. There's also an offer like this in the Philippines that's why I started checking the web. Good thing I check this blog first, I almost bought it. Here is the website of the online shop, not sure if what they are offering is the same as this one

  31. I have bought their products before, i think it's quite good. Can you post the pic of the 4 stands? i receive six stands and the stone is very shine.

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