Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pet Sitting

A fortnight ago was my best friend's wedding. She asked if I could recommend a pet hotel or boarding for her two dogs as they would be out of town for their honeymoon. Coincidentally sometime after Hari Raya, there was a big hoo haa about Petknode. I was too afraid to recommend ANY pet hotels at all. I mean what if I suggest a particular place and something bad happens to her beloved pets? I don't want to send someone's pet to a doom hotel! So instead of asking around, I volunteered to take care of them.

Before she brought them over, we made a verbal agreement that I can only care for them at the minimum. My daughter is my priority. But I guess I have little to worry about as it turns out my best friend's husband had their dogs Noodles and Starbucks well VERY WELL TRAINED. They use their own "littler box" and they are almost fuss free.

The first two days are obviously stressful for the two girls. Starbucks seems to have separation anxiety or some sort, while Noodles seems to adapt quiet well. The good news is both were eating and drinking and pooping and peeing albeit slow. At first I thought it would best to leave them quarantined for a few days to help them adapt. But that didn't go quite well for Starbucks particularly as she kept whining non-stop. She's like a pocket dynamite! Small dog full of energy. So I let both girls out and gosh! They were running and prancing like little bunnies. They had so much fun I just couldn't resist taking pictures of them. But I guess they were too fast for my camera. Each time the shutter closes they're already out of my picture

A little bit of exercise was all they needed to release the stress. About an hour of chasing each other, both Noodles and Starbucks were already exhausted and flopped to the floor. All I had to do was call one and the other will happily tail behind. So, that was my new routine for the next few days until my best friend's return. A run around the garden twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. It's very nice to see those two enjoying themselves - reminds me of my Oddball.

Anyway,time flies and now the to dogs are back with their owners. I kinda miss them...


  1. i love the photos... and i thought noodles was and is the pocket dynamite... check out her turbo propeller tail... lol~ you forgot to mention the jail break starbucks... hahaha... i still cant believe she managed to get her heavy ass across the other side of the pen...

    and thanks a bunch for taking care of them...

  2. Thank YOU for inviting me to your dinner.

    Haha... ya totally forgot to mention that jailbreak. Starbucks squeeze to freedom! Poor Noodles could only watch helplessly. Anyway, you guys did a great job in training them. Both are really adorable and very well trained for such young pups. Made my job super easy.

    By the way, I'll send you the original pics via email.

  3. Hi Waileng, cute doggies, and very nice of you to look after them.
    I enjoyed read your stylish eloquence.
    Noticed you in Penang....?

    I have always loved Penang, especially makan at Gurney drive at night.
    I sure miss Penang poh ia, oh chien and that McCalister road char kwai teow.
    Its still there, that corner coffee shop?
    Anyway, you have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.
    ps, you have a nice name.

  4. Hi Uncle Lee!
    Yes, I am in Penang... but on the mainland. I'm not familiar with roads on the island; I've got bad sense of direction! Sorry (^_^)


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