Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Wedding Season

Wedding seasons is here and it’s another excuse for a family or friend reunion. An opportunity for us all to catch up with those we’ve not met for quite a while (or maybe just last week). But while some of us look forward to such a reunion, at times I dread to attend one. I mean those 三姑六婆 (read san gu liu po) meaning nosy relatives are just so annoying. As if their brains are pre-programmed to function at a weirdly manner in every wedding. Here’s a snippet of their code that I’ve managed to decipher …
If YOU are below the age of 21
            “How old are you this year?
Else if YOU are single
            “Why don’t you find a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Else if YOU are in a relationship
            “When is your turn to get married?
Else if YOU are married but no kids
            “Why you no children yet?
Else if YOU are married with one child
            “When’s the next child?
Else if YOU are married with more than one child but less than 3
            “Why so few?
Else if YOU are married with 4 children or more
            “Why so many??

Yup, basically EVERYONE (single, in a relationship, married; with kids, no kids, divorced, gays, lesbians… you get the idea) is not spared! My best guess is that these people don’t really know how to strike a conversation with the younger generation – so to them, this IS their pickup line. But of course instead of getting a good feedback, most of us will try steer away. Sad isn’t it?

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