Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Makan Pedas Punya, Okay?

I write this post intentionally just to make my best friend laugh.

She said that after staying in Penang for sOoOOooo long (since 2008), I can barely take spicy food? Why? Don't blame me, eating spicy food is a rare treat cos my MIL herself can't stand spicy food. Even the so-called curry chicken we have occasionally is super-ultra-non-spicy. Anyway, I've decided to embark on a spicy journey and see how spicy a food I can tahan (tolerate). But not all in one day la...

Level One - Wan Tan Mee with pickled chilly. Yes, the most not spicy chilly that is a MUST for the egg noodle lovers. But usually I go without the chilly IF the noodles is made just perfect - not too salty not too bland. So usually those who dine with me sees me eat Wan Tan Mee with the pickled chilly, it only means one thing - "This Wan Tan Mee not nais (nice)..."

Level Two -Chilly sauce for Dim Sum. Now this is spicier than the pickled chilly but still not considered spicy for many. I didn't break a sweat while eating this Siew Mai. Honestly, I don't quite understand why Dim Sum served in the Klang Valley comes with sweet sauce but not in Penang. Almost every food here is accompanied with chilly...By the way, this one too taste so-so only. So it's not worth recommending.

Level Three -McD's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Okay, now THIS one is spicy to me. Probably my besties (probably my brothers too) will be laughing their hearts out when I claim Spicy Chicken McDeluxe IS spicy. See that McCafe Phuket cup on the right side of the burger? Ya... that cup was filled with iced Ribena just to beat out the spiciness!

Level Four -Penang Asam Laksa. A popular noodle dish that made it to some CNN food list. The tourist version of course is not so spicy just like the tourist Tom Yam we had in our past trip to Phuket. This bowl of Asam Laksa is so spicy that even milk cannot help subdue the spiciness. This one really hit me hard. I could barely finish the noodles and dare not drink the soup no matter how fragrant it was. You see, the thing about Laksa is that the bottom of the pot is best. In local Hokkien dialect they say "hor liao tim tey" meaning the best is at the bottom. So if you go to a popular Laksa stall anywhere in Penang, don't go when they just opened stall (unless you bought a tourist with you). Go sometime an hour or two before they close. The broth is so fragrant you'll drool before you can even make your order!

No more?

Yup. Game ends at level four because I "died" (si). In Chinese four sound like the word die, which is why many Chinese people in particular do not like the number 4. The spiciness of the laksa "killed" me.



  1. Me too, rarely eat green chilli with wantan mee, unless it's not nais. LOL.
    Even Pan Mee, only need chilli to boost if it's only edible.
    And I never dip my food with soy sauce.

  2. Yes Wendy! When the food itself is delicious, we don't really need those extra sauces.

  3. hahahaha! this makes me LOL-ed! serious ah? game over at laksa?

  4. Yup yup~! "Died" in the hands of Penang asam laksa!


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