Sunday, February 17, 2013

List of Free Formulated Milk Powder for Children in Malaysia

I don't know if there is any specific blog or website that lists all the major infant formula brands in Malaysia and which website is available for parents to get free samples. So here is a list of websites that I've have visited and got some free milk powder samples sachets.

If I have missed any website, fell free to let me know in the comment box and I'll add it up later (and probably get more samples too). Occasionally there are advertisements in the news papers where you can get free sample by calling them or just sending an SMS (that’s how I got my Nan Grow and Neo Kid samples). Do note that almost all of these sites require your personal information (by signing up) and also provide a valid Malaysian address. Some of these companies may call you for confirmation.

Brands URL
Anmum Essential
*alternatively you can request via their official Facebook page.
Isomil Plus Gain Plus Pediasure
Dumex Dugrow Dumex Mamil
Dutch Lady
Frisco Gold
Enfagow A+ Sustagen
Everyday Lactogen
Nan Grow
Nespray * I could not find the exact link as I got my free sample through the news paper advertisement & I lost the advertisement clipping.
Morinaga Chil Mil * for samples, email the following information to
Mother's Name
I/C number
Delivery Address
Contact Number
Baby's Name
Baby's DOB
How do you know about Morinaga? Friends/Newspaper/Other Sources (you can quote my blog URL if you like)
Neo Kid Plus * I could not find the exact link as I got my free sample through The Star Newspaper advertisement. SMS for free sample

Text AT SNOW(space)STAR(comma)YOUR NAME(comma)YOUR ADDRESS(comma)POSTCODE(comma)SAMPLE TYPE (STEP 3 for child aged 1-3 or STEP 4 for child aged 3 and above) and send to 36828
S-26 Progress Gold
S-26 Promise Gold
S-26 PE Gold

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) has restricted all milk formula companies NOT to provide infant formula samples for those below 12 months old. This is to comply with the Malaysia Code of Ethics for the marketing of infant food whose overall aim is to uphold the supremacy of mother’s milk. However if you’re really in need of these samples (for infant below 12 months), please consult your local pediatrician.

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