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Online Shop Review : Zalora

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Company Name: Jade Eservices Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Company Registration Number: 973005-A
Website URL:
First Purchase Date: 2 July 2012
Subsequent Purchase: 0

I've seen Zalora advertisements on Facebook, TV and also over the radio for quite some time. But I didn't quite set my fingers to buy from them as the clothes that I fancy are a little over my budget. To me, any garment that requires me to pay more than MYR50 is considered expensive. Oddly I wouldn't mind splurging THOUSANDS on skincare, weird, huh?
Print Screen from Zalora (the dress is sold out so the actual page is no longer available)

Anyway, I was purchasing my regular shot of frapp from Starbucks when the barista gave me a discount voucher for Zalora worth MYR30 (with a minimum spending of MYR60 in a single receipt). On the back of Zalora voucher is a Lazada voucher worth MYR50 (with a minimum spending of MYR150 in a single receipt) Since I have an extremely limited number of dresses, I might as well surf around Zalora to see if there's one that fits ME and of course my budget. I didn't get anything from Lazada because there was nothing that I need in particular from that website.

My requirement for a dress is rather straight forward and simple; something that can cover my motherly arms, not so flat tummy, fashionable enough to avoid being called "Ah Soh"(auntie) and perhaps a dress price that’s exactly MYR60 so I sort of get 50% discount (half of RM60 is MYR30). It's not too much of a demand right? So after a click and a scroll away, I found this green Issa-like-dress selling at MYR75 plus free shipping. With my discount voucher, I only paid MYR45 which is still within my MYR50 budget, so it is acceptable for me.
Comparison between the Jersey Dress and the Issa Dress

Now for those who didn’t get infected by the Kopy-Kate syndrome, here’s the FYI. This "jersey dress" that I bought is similar in design to what the Duchess of Cambridge wore for her official engagement to the heir to the British throne, Prince William. While hers was in royal blue, the one I chosen was in dark green (Zalora also have a black colored version but I have plenty full of Little Boring Dresses). Other than the brand label sewn on the nape of the dress, there isn't any other information provided. There is no washing label so I can only make guess that this is a free size and the material could be something of a mix (cotton and lyra? or maybe polyester?) because it’s a little stretchy but not wrinkle free. I’m not a garment expert so I’m just making guesses about this dress. Without the label, I don’t even know if it’s made in Malaysia or China.
The dress from Zalora sent by GDEX

So what do I think of Zalora? The layout is pretty standard for shopping websites which is a good thing. I don’t have to look high and low for the buttons and making my purchase is straight forward and simple process. I just have to make sure that I follow their instructions accordingly and my order will be sent to me. But there is one thing that I have to mention. Their customer service department may be working from morning till late night, but other departments don’t. So if you have made a purchase at night; (like me) you’ll have to call back the next morning to confirm the status of your order. Which I think they should have the status of the order clearly written online; so I don’t have to second guess. Another down side is that they did not provide receipt for my purchase and they don't keep my purchasing history in my account. So lets say in future I wish to look back at what I bought from Zalora and how much I've paid, I've to look at this blog post instead of checking at Zalora because they don't keep track. 
The Dress with a return slip

And what do I think about the dress? Well, it fits me just right. I’m obviously shorter than the model, so the length of the dress drops right on my knee. The zip is hidden in the side making the back seamless; which is a good thing. But without the washing label, it’s a risky idea to put the dress in the washing machine not knowing if the color would “bleed” or if the washing machine would tear up the dress. So I have to hand wash AND also iron the dress because it’s not wrinkle free; which is not a good thing for people who just don’t have the time to do laundry. On the plus side, if the dress didn't fit me, I could have returned the dress; provided it's not washed, worn and label still intact with original packaging. But why would I return a dress that fits me, right?

Final question; Would I make future purchases from Zalora? If the price is right, and they can provide more details about the items they are selling, it would be more helpful when making purchasing decisions.

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