Sunday, March 31, 2013

Water Berry (What a very) Beautiful Skinfood!

Holiday at Perth : View outside our rented room
Just last year our little family headed out to Perth for a week's holiday. One of the most memorable views of Perth is the view of fruit trees (orange, lemon and mandarin) growing in the back yard of our landlord's property. We actually rented his guest room for a week which was uber cool because it gives us the feel of real Aussie life instead of hotel/motel rooms which could be much more expensive.

Anyway, being in a four seasoned country means many fruits are seasonal; which makes tropical fruits a rare treat. (Thou there are exceptions when we spotted someone living two blocks away having a BANANA tree growing in their back yard. Seriously!) Since we were there during the end of winter, we were too early for the fruiting season in spring; hence missing out the opportunity to chow down on berries and kiwis. Some food companies will find ways to export these seasonal fruits so everyone around the globe can taste them without the need to travel, while others would churn it into skincare products.

Skinfood: Watery Berry Kit
(Image source: The Thirty Something Journal)
So how do you feel about slabbing wild berries on your skin for FREE? Oui? Non? If your answer is YES, then think no more and head straight to my friend and fellow blogger Jamie's Thirty Something Journal First Giveaway ( This is her first giveaway so how about us giving her a pat on the back and some cheers!

Skinfood: Watery Berry Kit (inside)
(Image source: The Thirty Something Journal)
Well, if your answer is non merci, may I ask why? If you're worried about the closing date for this giveaway, it's the 15th of April 2013. If you're worried about having needed to think of slogans or creative blogging or tweeting or instagraming; the answer is no; you only have to go to Jamie's blog (click here if you're too lazy to scroll back up) and type in her comment box on why you would like to give this kit a try. If you're worried about being a non-Malaysian resident; may I suggest perhaps you can find a family or friend residing in Malaysia to receive your prize (if you do win) on your behalf? Or maybe win it as a gift for someone's birthday perhaps? To find out more about SkinFood Malaysia, please click here

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Books at Cheap prices

Event: Big Bad Wolf Book Sales
Location: Penang Times Square

Address: Ground Floor New Wing, Jalan Dato’ Keramat, 10150 George Town, Penang

GPS Location: 5.412N 100.325E

Duration: 22 – 31 March 2013
Hours: 0900 – 2100 (9am – 9pm) 
Now this is awkward, here I am sit in front of my PC and my mind suddenly turned blank. I know what I want to blog but somehow the words aren’t forming in my mind leaving my fingers tapping randomly on the keyboard… Oh well, I’ll just leave my expressions and fancy words out of this post for the moment and just focus on my experience at this book hunt!
That would be me dragging my little one
When we arrived at Penang Times Square we were a little lost as it was only our second time there. The first being to attend a friend’s wedding sometime last year. But as long as you’re on the ground floor, just keep your eyes peeled. The Wolf has left some bread crumbs on the pillars for you to trail. Soon enough we were standing at the main entrance and we have OCBC credit card staffs harassing us to subscribe a credit card. Now I know they are just doing their job, so I try my best to keep my cool and be polite enough to keep repeating “no thank you”. My sis in-law got lucky; she’s so small sized and habitually being mistaken for a tween. No one bothered to approach her to subscribe! *Roll Eyes*
Cookie Creations Kit Set
Having the smell of new books greeting me at the entrance is like being on opium high. I don’t really know how to explain this euphoria when I am amongst books; but simply put it’s a good feeling. Even though it was a Sunday, I’m surprised the crowd is not all that bad. I still have plenty of room to move around with my stroller and hubby chasing the little one around. Speaking of the little one, those of you who plan to bring your infant child a stroller would come in handy as your secondary shopping cart. But there is a setback; the children’s book section is at the center court and there is no direct air conditioning making the place warm and rather stuffy. However, nearby is a little corner (with air conditioning) for customers to sort out their books. Many parents use it as a place to hang out and pacify their little ones while other family members are about book hunting.
My duffel bag filled with books
I’ve learned that it’s quite easy to spot a book hunter versus some random shopper who made a last minute decision to check this place out. Book hunters are WELL PREPARED. Usually they appear to be alone, but what they drag alongside them is the giveaway. Their carrier is what makes them distinct; from market trolleys to luggage bags or just about ANYTHING with wheels underneath is good to go. As for me, I took a duffel bag along because my car couldn’t fit both the stroller and a luggage bag. But I really wonder why did the cashier balked her eyes when she saw my duffel, I’m not the only one who brought my own carrier and neither was mine the most expensive.
12 books for MYR164.00
Anyway, below is a list of books that I’ve bough; totaling MYR164.00. The square bracket [plenty] means there was more than 5 copies when I picked them up and [hunt] means I have to sift through each box of random books to find it but I don’t recall seeing any more of that particular title. Kit sets like cookie creation kit set (marked*) I bought are found AFTER paying at the cashier. They have this section after the cash register filled with boxes of kit sets (really suitable for older kids) and you pay at the final cashier before exiting.

  • Aikido [Hunt]
  • MYR 15

  • Animals [Plenty]

  • MYR10

  • Atlas of the Middle East [Plenty]

  • MYR12

  • Cookie Creations – kit set [Plenty]*

  • MYR25

  • Cupcakes – Sticker Book [Hunt]

  • MYR5

  • Dad’s Book – Old Fashioned Fun for the Family [Hunt]

  • MYR12

  • Jemima Puddle Duck – Sound Story Book [Hunt]

  • MYR10

  • Muscle Car Dream Garage [Plenty]

  • MYR25

  • Large Print Logic Puzzle [Hunt]

  • MYR8

  • The Everyday Chinese Cookbook [Plenty]
  • MYR20

  • The World Almanac [Plenty]

  • MYR10

  • Simple – Cookbook [Plenty]
  • MYR12

    Cupcakes! Sticker Book
    Two books that I think is worth mentioning is the Cupcakes sticker book. Inside the book there are some stickers of flowers and gummy candies to be used as decoration on the cupcake. Since it’s a cardboard book I could easily reuse the stickers by peeling it out and sticking again. The best part is; it’s only MYR5.00! My little one seems to enjoy it at the moment, peeling and sticking. Too bad I could only find 1 copy or I’ll surely be wrapping up a few more copies for my friend’s kids!
    Cupcakes! Sticker Book - inside
    The second one is this logic puzzle book. I’m a big fan of puzzles, thus spending MYR8.00 on a logic puzzle is a real steal. I’ve got friends telling me that there are Sudoku puzzle books when the sales was held in KL, but here I saw none. So this logic puzzle became the next best thing that I can enjoy during my free time. I really love puzzle books because it makes me THINK. This is a huge drawback for staying in a rural area; I hardly get the opportunity to sit down with someone for a constructive conversation. Here the women folk either stays silent while the men swank or gossip amongst themselves in the host’s kitchen; very lame.
    Large Print Logic Puzzles
    Large Print Logic Puzzles - Puzzle #1 and #2 (click to enlarge)
    Over at One-Stop Midlands Park Centre (opposite Adventist Hospital) along Burma Road, Penang there’s another books clearance sales by Popular. It’s a real temptation to head out there since the Fifty Shades of Grey was all sold out at the Big Bad Wolf Books sales. But alas, we were pressed for time as the little one was getting exhausted and hungry; so we skipped this. Which I’ve come to wonder what’s with sex and Grey? First there was Dorian Grey, then Sasha Grey and now Christian Grey?
    Popular Book Clearance at One-Stop Midlands Park Centre
    And I wonder what kind of reaction would I get if I start calling myself Jemima Grey?

    Sunday, March 24, 2013

    Sunday's Hunt

    I think by now you’ll notice that I only update my blog once a week. And yes, today is update day. But while this little post of mine entertains you for a while, the actual me is off hunting for books. Yup, as you may or may not know already, the Big Bad Wolf has invaded Penang. And if not because of the truck loads of books these guys and girls bring up, Popular® bookstore (Midland branch) wouldn’t even bother to slash their book prizes! Anyway, since the wolf made the effort to come up north, I make the effort to feed it some hard earned cash of mine.

    So today’s activity is finding for hidden object. The object that you’ll need to look for is an eye pallet. To be specific; the Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallet is what you must look for in the image below. If you’ve got problem spotting that little fella, just mouse over the image and the answer will be revealed! I know, I know. I spoiled your fun before you can even start looking. But will you go looking if I say you can really get one for REAL?


    Now this Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallet is a gift – part of a giveaway hosted by Million Dollar Beauty. She will be giving the prize out. Not me. If you’ve landed on my blog on pretext of winning this giveaway from me, then I’m so truly sorry. However you still can stand a chance to win this pallet before its closing date on the April 21, 2013; all you need is to blog about this wonderful giveaway! Yup, that means you must have a blog in order to join this contest. For contest details please visit Million Dollar Beauty: Blog and Win Urban Decay Naked Basics.
    {Image Source: Google}
    While you start whipping your neurons into hyper drive, allow me to amuse you with a little chant (no, not mantra chant but cheer leading kind of chant)
    Eye shadow, eye pallet
    I seek you.
    I CRAVE for you; FAINT for you

    I’ll strip NAKED2!  
    Clad like Goddess VENUS
    with a FOXY grin;
    I’ll do the WALK OF SHAME
    and take it to the chin. 
    Million Dollar Beauty Blog
    hosted by Jerine Lay.
    Urban Decay Naked Basics
    is her GIVEAWAY~! 
    For those of you who are not familiar with cheer chants, I've got Talking Tom to help me out. Enjoy!

    Sunday, March 17, 2013

    Online Shop Review: The Lilac Box

    Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.
    Company Name:
 (awaiting email reply from the guys at The Lilac Box)
    Company Registration Number:
First Purchase Date: 23 Jan 2013
Subsequent Purchase: 0

    For those who’ve keenly following beauty bloggers, you’ll probably know about this latest beauty box called The Lilac Box. Well, I won’t be able to give much insight on the products inside the box since I’m neither a beauty expert nor am I much of a beauty junkie. Never the less, you’ll be reading about The Lilac box through the eyes of a housewife.

    Actually, The Lilac Box isn’t exactly my first beauty box as I’ve got a complementary box from Fabulous Finds (ceased operation) courtesy of (Thank you Jess so much for the giveaway). So with ONE experience on a blind date, I thought why not go again? Well, the first experience was FREE, so I won’t say much however; since I paid for The Lilac Box, I maybe a little ruthless with my words. So please keep an open mind will you?

    To what I have digested there are three key points on which make The Lilac Box exceptional from other beauty boxes. The first in particular is their never ending emphasis on premium brand. Not brands where you can easily just grab off the shelf of a pharmacy or supermarket. Simply put; brands that would most likely bore a hole through your wallet. Which by the way, I wonder is SK-II considered premium brand?
    Box size comparison between The Lilac Box (above) and Fabulous Finds (bottom)
    Second key point, they actually do talk to you. I mean, there IS interaction via their official Facebook Page. Unlike some Facebook Pages, the admin doesn’t reply or acknowledge your questions. But in The Lilac Box, they do try to answer every questions and suggestions. And let’s just say they have talked to a particular brand and they need an abundance of “LIKES” and enthusiastic “COMMENTS”, this is where people like me step in to show some support. Occasionally (if you’re a subscriber), you may get other freebies posted on their Facebook page. But alas, being someone staying in the distant north it’s hardly a chance I get to sample thee…

    Overview contents of The Lilac Box (debut box)
    Third key point, they don’t bait your purse/wallet. While other beauty boxes runs monthly issues and entice you with a bargain of “buy 12 issues free 1 issue” kinda thingy… The Lilac Box does not. This is actually what I like best. I may feel like wanting to surprise myself or perhaps not. It’s up to me. I don’t have to feel dreaded that I’ve paid the year’s subscription only to find that less than half of what I received is really what I like. Or worse, having some of the samples where you can actually just harass the brand’s sales assistant for it; FREE!

    So how was my blind beauty date experience?

    Truth be told, it wasn’t presented to me in the most delicate manner. It’s not the delivery guys’ fault actually; hubby intercepted the parcel as I was running some Chinese New Year errands. So imagine my hubby walking towards me with a mysterious box in hand whist shaking it RIGOROUSLY. Yes, as much as hubby may deny; he too was curious of its contents. He has his way of finding out its stuffing since it’s NOT his name on the parcel. What is his verdict after shaking? “Feels empty, they should have filled it to the brim” he chirped.

    Max Factor Nailfinity in Boji

    Anyway, I snatched the box from hubby and tore the wrapping like that Tasmanian Devil cartoon character. With the wrapper out of the way, ribbon pulled out and box lid removed, I stared at its contents for a full whole minute. Well comparing the Lilac Box and Fabulous Finds; The Lilac Box is obviously smaller (box dimensions L:21cm W:15cm H:5.5cm), product count 5 items (I consider the shampoo and conditioner as one item) as opposed to 7 and there is no product information card included. Personally I am not very particular about the product card as I find it more fun Googling or maybe just reading straight from The Lilac Box website.

    Testing out Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Lotion
    Frankly speaking, I could not pin point exactly which item in particular I liked best. I couldn’t tell right away if any one of these products would one day be sitting on my dressing table; my “love-at-first-sight” is not in the box. Did anyone else feel blank when they first opened the box or it's just me? All 5 items lay in the purple lined box staring back at me as I made a mental comparison between them and the existing products that I use. So I decided to spend the next two weeks using up all 5 items and see which of these I could live without and which of these could ever possible replace my existing regime. Now please understand that I’m not trying to show off or be a fussy pot, just speaking my mind. After all it’s natural to make comparisons; even Taylor Swift compares her exes in her songs (Begin Again).

    Two weeks later…

    Burberry Beauty – Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base 

    I came to like this one after using it the second time around. While the brochure says that I can use it as a standalone or a base before my regular foundation, I still prefer the latter choice because as a standalone, my face still looks shiny enough to reflect the lights of a camera flash.

    Decléor Fresh purifying gel and Fresh matifying lotion 

    The scary thing about cleansers is that they tend to trigger my skin into hyper-drive mode and I get facial oils pumped out of my pores faster than I can blot them with a facial paper! Luckily Decléor cleanser is gentle on my skin and it does not feel too dry after each wash. This cleanser really do clean my face without making too dry and the matifying lotion a.k.a toner makes my face feel fresh and clean, I don't really see significant changes on my face. Either way, I'm sticking back on my SK-II.

    Kerastase Resistance Shampoo and Rinse-Out by L’oréal 

    So when is the last time you've visited the saloon for a hair wash? Yesterday? Last week? Last Month? Or Last Year? Ever since being a full time mom I don't have the luxury to sit at a saloon all hours to get  that Chelsea Blow Dry (a.k.a The Duchess of Cambridge hair-do) even if I managed to get someone to baby sit my child while I get my annual hair trim, its usually a good excuse for SOMEONE to nail me down as a bad mom who cares for her hair more than her child. Yes, unfortunately there is such person in my household that is just so anti-beautiful (a person who despise others for looking pretty or maintaining good skincare/haircare/body-care) . With this green colored bottle, I get to enjoy a good hair wash right at home and still smell like I just walked out of a hair saloon.

    Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity in Boji (1256) 

    Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity in Boji
    This is the first item I tested and probably the least likely to end up on my dressing table. It’s not that I don’t like this product; it’s just that I hardly do my nails. In fact the last time I’ve ever got a manicure and pedicure was right before my convocation in 2007! And for my wedding I just kept a clean cut nails; no colors what-so-ever. Anyway, this Chinese New Year became the exception since I have this cute little bottle to play with and a good excuse since everyone have their nails done for Chinese New Year. However the only person who actually DID noticed my nails is dear hubby who didn’t quite like this mud-purple color. He thinks it looks like my nails are bruised. Me? I think its okay.

    Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion 

    NEVER underestimate the power of smell. For you girls who have been dying to get your crush's attention, you better listen up. The packaging itself is an attention seeker, but you don't have to follow the bottle and dress yourself in gold tiger prints. Just butter yourself in this body lotion and I'm pretty sure you'll make heads turn; and the best part is that you don't really have to worry about over spraying yourself with perfume. What the eye sees may be forgotten, but the smell of something attractive can linger in the mind for a very long time. But of course, please remember NOT to eat this lotion; it won’t help you cover up bad breath. On the side note, I've heard that Geogia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones) is their newest model for their latest fragrance Just Cavalli this Spring 2013.

    Facial and Hair Vouchers 

    These two pieces of paper was caught lying at the bottom of the box. But I gave both vouchers to my mom since she’s residing in the Klang Valley and there’s a bigger chance of her making use of this voucher instead of me.

    Ultimate question #1: What do I think of this box and which is my most/least favourite? Tough one this question is. Overall I do like this box and its contents. Personally I prefer a box with a few items but big enough volume for me to really try it all out. It’s pretty pointless if you stash in a dozen items and all of them are in sachets that could only allow you for one application. As you read from above the least favourite and unlikely candidate to site on my dresser is the nail polish. Please note that I’m not against the brand but just that I don’t use nail polish often. My most favourite and likely item to sit on my dresser would be the Kerastase shampoo and conditioner. I do miss the fun of walking out of a hair saloon in a new hair style. Plus I managed to source this product from a local hair saloon, so I don't have to go ALL the way down to KL just to get it.
    Ultimate question #2: Is this box value for money? From a stingy housewife prospective, I would honestly answer not really. The only product that couldn’t last the week is the Burberry Beauty sachet. If all 5 products can last at least a week of usage (or more would be better) then I’ll gladly answer yes.
    Ultimate question #3: Would I be subscribing the second box? Erm, truth be told I do feel a little left out that those free sample giveaways hosted on their official Facebook page are only available in the Klang Valley. More so at the moment that my current beauty regime seems to work well on me so I'll have to sadly pass this one.

    For those of you keen to find out more about The Lilac Box visit or their official Facebook Page click here. Their debut box was sold out in 3 days, second box sold out in a week. For the second box product review, please visit my friend Jamie's blog.

    Sunday, March 10, 2013

    Reebonz: My One Ringgit Bag

    Gossip Girl may be gone along with last year’s Christmas, but there is no harm looking forward to the next ho-ho-ho day right? If you’ve read my review on previously, this is my part 2 and “insider’s” tip for some branded bags at jaw dropping price. There is a catch of course, plenty of patience required…

    Not too long after I received my bracelet from I got another email from them on two more credit given to me in conjunction with this Christmas season with a whooping amount of MYR217 in total. Yes, you’ve read me right; two Hundred and Seventeen Ringgit Malaysia. Unfortunately that money could not be credited into my bank account or I could have probably taken hubby and the little one for a beautiful Christmas dinner. While one voucher ends on Monday (17 Dec), the second voucher ends on Christmas Eve. Not wanting to let this go to waste, I wasted no time and started hunting down for something to buy. Now, usually starts their product sales on Friday. When I got my credit notification on Saturday morning, many low price range items were already sold out. Added to that, there was a new regulation that you are not allowed to use your credits or promotional vouchers for certain items or brands. So my choices were greatly narrowed.

    However all is not lost as the only brand which price tag nearly fits my credit amount were LeSportsac; and that too only one particular item left available. This LeSportSac Madison was priced at MYR218 (a sneak peek at Amazon Japan, this bag was on sale at about MYR100 at the same time). They had 2 more bags which I thought looked better but the price was a little more than MYR300 which was WAY over my budget. Personally, I think LeSportsac is cool because you hardly find any counterfeit unlike Burberry or recently Coach which is easily available at any night market in Malaysia! So I proceeded with purchasing this bag and at the check-out page I saw my order total amounting to just MYR1! Yes, imagine a branded bag shipped to your door step for just MYR1! It’s like where else can I get a bag at 99.54% discount?!

    After making my transaction, all I had to do was wait. And it felt like it was a very LONG wait; holding my ipod and checking my email for Fed-Ex notification (at every 5 minute interval) was like a Donkey riding with Fiona and Shrek to Far Far Away. But truth be told, this wait only required a week, unlike my bracelet which took nearly a month!

    Fast Forward, Christmas Eve. Hook or crook I had to be in the office that day. Asking me to wait at home was probably the cruelest thing to do at that moment. So right before lunch time, the Fed-Ex man arrived with this extra large bag and I greeted him with a smile bigger than the Grinch! But can you blame me for being so excited over a One Ringgit Bag shipped all the way from Singapore?

     Anyway, I guess that since this is a Christmas special, my delivery came a little different than the previous purchase. The LeSportsac bag was placed in a sleek black box and tied in gold ribbons. On the ribbon, there were printings which bore and the words “Merry Christmas”. This black and gold theme really gives it a supplementary opulence to whatever it carries inside – even if it’s a ONE RINGGIT BAG! But the bag wasn’t the only item in the package, as there are other things in there too; a Christmas themed sugar cookie shaped of a man(if I may add, it was delicious) with a little tag that says “Take a bite of Christmas Joy. Merry Xmas from Reebonz!” Though the cookie arrived broken but at least it wasn’t in crumbles. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts so I thank you for the beautiful gesture. And also a Christmas card in gold envelope that says
    Jingle bell

    Jingle bell

    Jingle bell frock. 

    Jingle bell bling and jingle bell rock

    glimmering and glowing up bushels of fun! 

    Now the jingle SHOP has begun! 
    What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

    Cream-coloured Chloés 
and crisp bright red Louis

    Gucci and Prada and MiuMiu make merry. 

    Fendis that fly off the shelf like they’ve wings. 

    These are a few of my 
    Have a dashing Christmas and a dapper new year! 
    It doesn’t rhyme at all, but they do get some plus points for efforts. I untied the ribbon and opened the black box to find another bag - black cotton/linen like pouch with the words printed in white. And inside the black pouch is my LeSportsac, just like the picture on their website a week ago.

    If you’re curious about the size of the bag, it’s a little wider than an A4 paper but 2-3 inches shorter in height. Simply put, you can fit an iPad nicely in this bag.

    Okay. So I had my fun bragging about my one ringgit bag. If you’re interested in getting free credits, just click on this link – and signup. Once you’ve had your own account you’ll get your own invitation link where you can send out to your friends and family. When your friends sign up and makes a purchase, you’ll get free credits too! As for the seasonal credits, just make sure you visit or check your emails regularly! If this free credit isn’t tempting enough, occasionally they have member-get-member promotion where you can stand a chance to win branded purse or bag!

    Sunday, March 3, 2013

    Online Shop Review: Reebonz

    Disclaimer: The reviews on the online shop are my personal experience while purchasing products/services. I do not get paid by the reviewed shop. I am not responsible for any loss, damage or loss of profits that may result from reading my review. In particular, I am unable to accept any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of a dispute between vendor and purchaser. It is your (the reader's) responsibility alone to check the vendor's credibility, quality of merchandise and method of payment.
    Shop Name: Reebonz
    Company Name: Reebonz Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
    Company Registration Number: 200909470E
    Website URL:
    First Purchase Date: 9 November 2012
    Subsequent Purchase: 1

    Reebonz (pronounced ribbons) is a Singapore based company that sells luxury goods at a discounted price. I first heard about this website from socialite blogger Xia Xue many moons years ago. When I visited the website then, my jaws dropped because who on Earth would willingly spend thousands of Ringgit just for a purse? Apparently there are such people; I’m just NOT one of them.

    Initially I registered just for the fun sake and probably do some window shopping from my laptop. Which by the way, was the next best thing I could do to console myself that these were the many items that I’ll never get to own. Now, Reebonz isn’t exactly like your regular online shops. They have sales of certain luxury brands for a few days (usually 3 days) and when it’s over you won’t see it until a few weeks later. But by then, the products they offer are different from the previous sales. I’m not sure if they have any repeats in among their products; but so far I haven’t seen any. So what exactly made me click their shopping card? Free credits~!

    Sometime in mid 2012, I received emails from Reebonz (apart from their regular sale preview newsletter) stating that I have a certain amount of credit deposited into my account which will expire at a certain date. Now this free credit thingy wasn’t exactly a one off case. I’ve received it a couple of times but the problem were mainly because I couldn’t spot on anything that I fancy during the times when the credits were still valid. But sometime before Deepavali, I got another free credit notice and this time for a whooping MYR159! It was the biggest free credit I’ve received so far and did I drool? Of course~! I quickly turned on my browser and logged-in to my account to double check that figure which was indeed there. Then the next problem came; what can I buy with MYR159? For those of you who have yet visited Reebonz website, the first thing you’ll notice is the price tag. The cheapest item is around MYR200 while the most expensive that I’ve seen on their website is a soaring five figure sum. Quite hard to buy anything yet the temptation of owning a luxury item for once in my life seems a little farfetched at the moment. MYR159 isn’t much compared to most of the purses that cost anything between five hundred to thousands of Ringgit. But while clicking around, I spotted this beautiful looking mother of pearls bracelet; the price? MYR198. In other words, the price for the bracelet is MYR198, deduct MYR159 from the given free credit; I only have to pay MYR39 for this bracelet. That is an 81.54% savings. I know I sound like an extreme couponer!

    However, just as I was about to make my purchase, I saw this notice in a yellow box; beautifully highlighted so you’ll never miss reading it.
    I was like “HAR?!” I have to wait about 3 weeks (4 if they don’t work on Deepavali and Edi Mubarak) before I could get this bracelet? Well, I’m not in a rush but neither did I like waiting. But then, I thought to myself, gamble this MYR39 and see if the bracelet is really worth its’ retail of MYR198 or not. So after consulting my hubby (I love to get his opinion before making purchases, it’s just so fun!) I smiled and followed their instructions carefully as I made my purchase.

    Fast forward 29th November 2012, my package arrived via Fed-Ex. I can say for sure that their packaging method is good. Instead of using a prefab box, their gift box is unfolded (flat out) so it won’t get squished or damaged during transportation. So if I plan to give the bracelet as a gift, I’ll have to fold the box myself and use the accompanying velvet pouch to protect the bracelet from being scratched. The bracelet itself arrived in an individual plastic bag to reduce the risk of scratching. Then here’s the fun part – big bubble wrap pouch, and two Fed-Ex envelopes! Simple to say, with so much precaution taken on wrapping my bracelet, the box and bracelet arrived in good condition. But is this bracelet worth MYR39? Erm, will you part with MYR39 for faux pearls? Now, I’m not 100% sure if those pearls are real pearls but I’ve done some basic pearl test (see link here) I think they are not genuine pearls. I do own a set of faux pearls (ear-ring and necklace set by Kenji) and honestly they look similarly the same neither superior than the other. When I put them together, you wouldn’t know that they are bought separately from two different companies.

    So for this MYR39 that I’ve paid for a not-so-genuine pearl bracelet all the way from Singapore, is it worth my money? Yeah, I guess it is okay only because I had that MYR159 free credit in my account. If that money wasn’t there in the first place I would still be browser shopping.

    Will I buy from Reebonz again? Only if I have free credits.