Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Books at Cheap prices

Event: Big Bad Wolf Book Sales
Location: Penang Times Square

Address: Ground Floor New Wing, Jalan Dato’ Keramat, 10150 George Town, Penang

GPS Location: 5.412N 100.325E

Duration: 22 – 31 March 2013
Hours: 0900 – 2100 (9am – 9pm) 
Now this is awkward, here I am sit in front of my PC and my mind suddenly turned blank. I know what I want to blog but somehow the words aren’t forming in my mind leaving my fingers tapping randomly on the keyboard… Oh well, I’ll just leave my expressions and fancy words out of this post for the moment and just focus on my experience at this book hunt!
That would be me dragging my little one
When we arrived at Penang Times Square we were a little lost as it was only our second time there. The first being to attend a friend’s wedding sometime last year. But as long as you’re on the ground floor, just keep your eyes peeled. The Wolf has left some bread crumbs on the pillars for you to trail. Soon enough we were standing at the main entrance and we have OCBC credit card staffs harassing us to subscribe a credit card. Now I know they are just doing their job, so I try my best to keep my cool and be polite enough to keep repeating “no thank you”. My sis in-law got lucky; she’s so small sized and habitually being mistaken for a tween. No one bothered to approach her to subscribe! *Roll Eyes*
Cookie Creations Kit Set
Having the smell of new books greeting me at the entrance is like being on opium high. I don’t really know how to explain this euphoria when I am amongst books; but simply put it’s a good feeling. Even though it was a Sunday, I’m surprised the crowd is not all that bad. I still have plenty of room to move around with my stroller and hubby chasing the little one around. Speaking of the little one, those of you who plan to bring your infant child a stroller would come in handy as your secondary shopping cart. But there is a setback; the children’s book section is at the center court and there is no direct air conditioning making the place warm and rather stuffy. However, nearby is a little corner (with air conditioning) for customers to sort out their books. Many parents use it as a place to hang out and pacify their little ones while other family members are about book hunting.
My duffel bag filled with books
I’ve learned that it’s quite easy to spot a book hunter versus some random shopper who made a last minute decision to check this place out. Book hunters are WELL PREPARED. Usually they appear to be alone, but what they drag alongside them is the giveaway. Their carrier is what makes them distinct; from market trolleys to luggage bags or just about ANYTHING with wheels underneath is good to go. As for me, I took a duffel bag along because my car couldn’t fit both the stroller and a luggage bag. But I really wonder why did the cashier balked her eyes when she saw my duffel, I’m not the only one who brought my own carrier and neither was mine the most expensive.
12 books for MYR164.00
Anyway, below is a list of books that I’ve bough; totaling MYR164.00. The square bracket [plenty] means there was more than 5 copies when I picked them up and [hunt] means I have to sift through each box of random books to find it but I don’t recall seeing any more of that particular title. Kit sets like cookie creation kit set (marked*) I bought are found AFTER paying at the cashier. They have this section after the cash register filled with boxes of kit sets (really suitable for older kids) and you pay at the final cashier before exiting.

  • Aikido [Hunt]
  • MYR 15

  • Animals [Plenty]

  • MYR10

  • Atlas of the Middle East [Plenty]

  • MYR12

  • Cookie Creations – kit set [Plenty]*

  • MYR25

  • Cupcakes – Sticker Book [Hunt]

  • MYR5

  • Dad’s Book – Old Fashioned Fun for the Family [Hunt]

  • MYR12

  • Jemima Puddle Duck – Sound Story Book [Hunt]

  • MYR10

  • Muscle Car Dream Garage [Plenty]

  • MYR25

  • Large Print Logic Puzzle [Hunt]

  • MYR8

  • The Everyday Chinese Cookbook [Plenty]
  • MYR20

  • The World Almanac [Plenty]

  • MYR10

  • Simple – Cookbook [Plenty]
  • MYR12

    Cupcakes! Sticker Book
    Two books that I think is worth mentioning is the Cupcakes sticker book. Inside the book there are some stickers of flowers and gummy candies to be used as decoration on the cupcake. Since it’s a cardboard book I could easily reuse the stickers by peeling it out and sticking again. The best part is; it’s only MYR5.00! My little one seems to enjoy it at the moment, peeling and sticking. Too bad I could only find 1 copy or I’ll surely be wrapping up a few more copies for my friend’s kids!
    Cupcakes! Sticker Book - inside
    The second one is this logic puzzle book. I’m a big fan of puzzles, thus spending MYR8.00 on a logic puzzle is a real steal. I’ve got friends telling me that there are Sudoku puzzle books when the sales was held in KL, but here I saw none. So this logic puzzle became the next best thing that I can enjoy during my free time. I really love puzzle books because it makes me THINK. This is a huge drawback for staying in a rural area; I hardly get the opportunity to sit down with someone for a constructive conversation. Here the women folk either stays silent while the men swank or gossip amongst themselves in the host’s kitchen; very lame.
    Large Print Logic Puzzles
    Large Print Logic Puzzles - Puzzle #1 and #2 (click to enlarge)
    Over at One-Stop Midlands Park Centre (opposite Adventist Hospital) along Burma Road, Penang there’s another books clearance sales by Popular. It’s a real temptation to head out there since the Fifty Shades of Grey was all sold out at the Big Bad Wolf Books sales. But alas, we were pressed for time as the little one was getting exhausted and hungry; so we skipped this. Which I’ve come to wonder what’s with sex and Grey? First there was Dorian Grey, then Sasha Grey and now Christian Grey?
    Popular Book Clearance at One-Stop Midlands Park Centre
    And I wonder what kind of reaction would I get if I start calling myself Jemima Grey?


    1. Don't even go there, Jemima and spoil my mental image of the very sexy Christian Grey mixed with a puddle duck - Jemima Puddle Duck Grey ... not cool. LOL!

      Hey, no Sodoku stash?

      1. Hahaha... Okay okay. No Jemima Grey.
        By the way there isn't a single book of Sudoku seen! But no worries, I'm so addicted to the logic puzzle right now. It's more challenging because not only test your logic skills, but also your vocabulary.
        Oh, did I mention that I won the free pass? So hook or crook I will be going down to KL for the preview sales. And now I have like 8 months or so to find someone TRUSTWORTHY to care for my little one


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