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Online Shop Review: Reebonz

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Shop Name: Reebonz
Company Name: Reebonz Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Company Registration Number: 200909470E
Website URL:
First Purchase Date: 9 November 2012
Subsequent Purchase: 1

Reebonz (pronounced ribbons) is a Singapore based company that sells luxury goods at a discounted price. I first heard about this website from socialite blogger Xia Xue many moons years ago. When I visited the website then, my jaws dropped because who on Earth would willingly spend thousands of Ringgit just for a purse? Apparently there are such people; I’m just NOT one of them.

Initially I registered just for the fun sake and probably do some window shopping from my laptop. Which by the way, was the next best thing I could do to console myself that these were the many items that I’ll never get to own. Now, Reebonz isn’t exactly like your regular online shops. They have sales of certain luxury brands for a few days (usually 3 days) and when it’s over you won’t see it until a few weeks later. But by then, the products they offer are different from the previous sales. I’m not sure if they have any repeats in among their products; but so far I haven’t seen any. So what exactly made me click their shopping card? Free credits~!

Sometime in mid 2012, I received emails from Reebonz (apart from their regular sale preview newsletter) stating that I have a certain amount of credit deposited into my account which will expire at a certain date. Now this free credit thingy wasn’t exactly a one off case. I’ve received it a couple of times but the problem were mainly because I couldn’t spot on anything that I fancy during the times when the credits were still valid. But sometime before Deepavali, I got another free credit notice and this time for a whooping MYR159! It was the biggest free credit I’ve received so far and did I drool? Of course~! I quickly turned on my browser and logged-in to my account to double check that figure which was indeed there. Then the next problem came; what can I buy with MYR159? For those of you who have yet visited Reebonz website, the first thing you’ll notice is the price tag. The cheapest item is around MYR200 while the most expensive that I’ve seen on their website is a soaring five figure sum. Quite hard to buy anything yet the temptation of owning a luxury item for once in my life seems a little farfetched at the moment. MYR159 isn’t much compared to most of the purses that cost anything between five hundred to thousands of Ringgit. But while clicking around, I spotted this beautiful looking mother of pearls bracelet; the price? MYR198. In other words, the price for the bracelet is MYR198, deduct MYR159 from the given free credit; I only have to pay MYR39 for this bracelet. That is an 81.54% savings. I know I sound like an extreme couponer!

However, just as I was about to make my purchase, I saw this notice in a yellow box; beautifully highlighted so you’ll never miss reading it.
I was like “HAR?!” I have to wait about 3 weeks (4 if they don’t work on Deepavali and Edi Mubarak) before I could get this bracelet? Well, I’m not in a rush but neither did I like waiting. But then, I thought to myself, gamble this MYR39 and see if the bracelet is really worth its’ retail of MYR198 or not. So after consulting my hubby (I love to get his opinion before making purchases, it’s just so fun!) I smiled and followed their instructions carefully as I made my purchase.

Fast forward 29th November 2012, my package arrived via Fed-Ex. I can say for sure that their packaging method is good. Instead of using a prefab box, their gift box is unfolded (flat out) so it won’t get squished or damaged during transportation. So if I plan to give the bracelet as a gift, I’ll have to fold the box myself and use the accompanying velvet pouch to protect the bracelet from being scratched. The bracelet itself arrived in an individual plastic bag to reduce the risk of scratching. Then here’s the fun part – big bubble wrap pouch, and two Fed-Ex envelopes! Simple to say, with so much precaution taken on wrapping my bracelet, the box and bracelet arrived in good condition. But is this bracelet worth MYR39? Erm, will you part with MYR39 for faux pearls? Now, I’m not 100% sure if those pearls are real pearls but I’ve done some basic pearl test (see link here) I think they are not genuine pearls. I do own a set of faux pearls (ear-ring and necklace set by Kenji) and honestly they look similarly the same neither superior than the other. When I put them together, you wouldn’t know that they are bought separately from two different companies.

So for this MYR39 that I’ve paid for a not-so-genuine pearl bracelet all the way from Singapore, is it worth my money? Yeah, I guess it is okay only because I had that MYR159 free credit in my account. If that money wasn’t there in the first place I would still be browser shopping.

Will I buy from Reebonz again? Only if I have free credits.


  1. I wouldn't recommend buying with Reebonz just had a pretty bad experience lately. Bought 3 items on a separate occasion in less than a month but all has defects. First, Mulberry Bayswater has some scratches and sign of wear on the metal with no original dust bag included. Secondly, Coach handbag has some scratches with a lacking signature tag. Lastly, Prada Tessuto was put on hold for more than a week without any advised what's going on. So, I have sent a follow up email only find out that Authenticity Card has gone missing. Cash refund was promised but to my surprised they put it as store credit instead without consulting me.

    Was so disappointed, sent numerous follow up email but took them sometime to reply or NEVER replied at all. Called Customer Service from overseas but it's so hard to get through their hotline, left couple of voicemail messages but no one cares to return your call or otherwise if you get lucky the Agent is impolite & rude.

    Was in contact directly with their Manager but even the Manager just ignored my emails. Such a BAD Customer Service and very poor communication.

    Refund process sucks too!!! Took them so long to processed, so have to file an open case at PayPal in order to get my money back.

    With all this awful experienced, I will never shop with Reebonz again and wouldn't recommend others to shop with this website as well.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Have you tried to get in contact with the Singapore HQ?

  2. ohh thank you for this review keeping on eye of this fendi purse now i will not bother to buy there anymore

  3. please publish this in sitejabber or trustpilot etc, many people need to know about good/bad experience.

  4. Had a bad experience with reebonz Singapore too. Received a fake coach wallet. Tried to contact them but they will just ignore you. Sob.


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