Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reebonz: My One Ringgit Bag

Gossip Girl may be gone along with last year’s Christmas, but there is no harm looking forward to the next ho-ho-ho day right? If you’ve read my review on previously, this is my part 2 and “insider’s” tip for some branded bags at jaw dropping price. There is a catch of course, plenty of patience required…

Not too long after I received my bracelet from I got another email from them on two more credit given to me in conjunction with this Christmas season with a whooping amount of MYR217 in total. Yes, you’ve read me right; two Hundred and Seventeen Ringgit Malaysia. Unfortunately that money could not be credited into my bank account or I could have probably taken hubby and the little one for a beautiful Christmas dinner. While one voucher ends on Monday (17 Dec), the second voucher ends on Christmas Eve. Not wanting to let this go to waste, I wasted no time and started hunting down for something to buy. Now, usually starts their product sales on Friday. When I got my credit notification on Saturday morning, many low price range items were already sold out. Added to that, there was a new regulation that you are not allowed to use your credits or promotional vouchers for certain items or brands. So my choices were greatly narrowed.

However all is not lost as the only brand which price tag nearly fits my credit amount were LeSportsac; and that too only one particular item left available. This LeSportSac Madison was priced at MYR218 (a sneak peek at Amazon Japan, this bag was on sale at about MYR100 at the same time). They had 2 more bags which I thought looked better but the price was a little more than MYR300 which was WAY over my budget. Personally, I think LeSportsac is cool because you hardly find any counterfeit unlike Burberry or recently Coach which is easily available at any night market in Malaysia! So I proceeded with purchasing this bag and at the check-out page I saw my order total amounting to just MYR1! Yes, imagine a branded bag shipped to your door step for just MYR1! It’s like where else can I get a bag at 99.54% discount?!

After making my transaction, all I had to do was wait. And it felt like it was a very LONG wait; holding my ipod and checking my email for Fed-Ex notification (at every 5 minute interval) was like a Donkey riding with Fiona and Shrek to Far Far Away. But truth be told, this wait only required a week, unlike my bracelet which took nearly a month!

Fast Forward, Christmas Eve. Hook or crook I had to be in the office that day. Asking me to wait at home was probably the cruelest thing to do at that moment. So right before lunch time, the Fed-Ex man arrived with this extra large bag and I greeted him with a smile bigger than the Grinch! But can you blame me for being so excited over a One Ringgit Bag shipped all the way from Singapore?

 Anyway, I guess that since this is a Christmas special, my delivery came a little different than the previous purchase. The LeSportsac bag was placed in a sleek black box and tied in gold ribbons. On the ribbon, there were printings which bore and the words “Merry Christmas”. This black and gold theme really gives it a supplementary opulence to whatever it carries inside – even if it’s a ONE RINGGIT BAG! But the bag wasn’t the only item in the package, as there are other things in there too; a Christmas themed sugar cookie shaped of a man(if I may add, it was delicious) with a little tag that says “Take a bite of Christmas Joy. Merry Xmas from Reebonz!” Though the cookie arrived broken but at least it wasn’t in crumbles. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts so I thank you for the beautiful gesture. And also a Christmas card in gold envelope that says
Jingle bell

Jingle bell

Jingle bell frock. 

Jingle bell bling and jingle bell rock

glimmering and glowing up bushels of fun! 

Now the jingle SHOP has begun! 
What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

Cream-coloured Chloés 
and crisp bright red Louis

Gucci and Prada and MiuMiu make merry. 

Fendis that fly off the shelf like they’ve wings. 

These are a few of my 
Have a dashing Christmas and a dapper new year! 
It doesn’t rhyme at all, but they do get some plus points for efforts. I untied the ribbon and opened the black box to find another bag - black cotton/linen like pouch with the words printed in white. And inside the black pouch is my LeSportsac, just like the picture on their website a week ago.

If you’re curious about the size of the bag, it’s a little wider than an A4 paper but 2-3 inches shorter in height. Simply put, you can fit an iPad nicely in this bag.

Okay. So I had my fun bragging about my one ringgit bag. If you’re interested in getting free credits, just click on this link – and signup. Once you’ve had your own account you’ll get your own invitation link where you can send out to your friends and family. When your friends sign up and makes a purchase, you’ll get free credits too! As for the seasonal credits, just make sure you visit or check your emails regularly! If this free credit isn’t tempting enough, occasionally they have member-get-member promotion where you can stand a chance to win branded purse or bag!


  1. WOW hmmm..maybe now i should be active checking them out!!! Must be damn proud with your Rm1 purchase now babe!


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