Sunday, March 31, 2013

Water Berry (What a very) Beautiful Skinfood!

Holiday at Perth : View outside our rented room
Just last year our little family headed out to Perth for a week's holiday. One of the most memorable views of Perth is the view of fruit trees (orange, lemon and mandarin) growing in the back yard of our landlord's property. We actually rented his guest room for a week which was uber cool because it gives us the feel of real Aussie life instead of hotel/motel rooms which could be much more expensive.

Anyway, being in a four seasoned country means many fruits are seasonal; which makes tropical fruits a rare treat. (Thou there are exceptions when we spotted someone living two blocks away having a BANANA tree growing in their back yard. Seriously!) Since we were there during the end of winter, we were too early for the fruiting season in spring; hence missing out the opportunity to chow down on berries and kiwis. Some food companies will find ways to export these seasonal fruits so everyone around the globe can taste them without the need to travel, while others would churn it into skincare products.

Skinfood: Watery Berry Kit
(Image source: The Thirty Something Journal)
So how do you feel about slabbing wild berries on your skin for FREE? Oui? Non? If your answer is YES, then think no more and head straight to my friend and fellow blogger Jamie's Thirty Something Journal First Giveaway ( This is her first giveaway so how about us giving her a pat on the back and some cheers!

Skinfood: Watery Berry Kit (inside)
(Image source: The Thirty Something Journal)
Well, if your answer is non merci, may I ask why? If you're worried about the closing date for this giveaway, it's the 15th of April 2013. If you're worried about having needed to think of slogans or creative blogging or tweeting or instagraming; the answer is no; you only have to go to Jamie's blog (click here if you're too lazy to scroll back up) and type in her comment box on why you would like to give this kit a try. If you're worried about being a non-Malaysian resident; may I suggest perhaps you can find a family or friend residing in Malaysia to receive your prize (if you do win) on your behalf? Or maybe win it as a gift for someone's birthday perhaps? To find out more about SkinFood Malaysia, please click here


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