Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Impulse Purchase >.<|||

Today is going to be one bizarre post. Honestly, I don’t even know why I bought it in the first place. Well, I guess parting MYR3.30 (approx. USD1.10) isn’t a pain to my purse; eat less one bowl of noodles perhaps? Anyway here’s the scoop, I’ve been stalking a local chain store for many years now. They’ve got tones of products offered at really cheap prices. Once sold out, you can almost never see that item again; unless you stalk their other branches around town or ask your next of kin or friend to stalk on your behalf. The name of the shop is MR. DIY.

Tea Light Candle Burner from MR. DIY 
They have a branch in almost every other town and the prices for their products are really cheap; selling almost every household category available (cosmetics, décor, tools, infant stuffs, stationary etc.) As their items are somewhat cheap, the quality isn’t exactly the best in town. Like the Chinese saying “一分钱,一分货” (meaning you get what you pay for). Although they do have some items sold that are really worth the buy. One item in particular that I fell in love is this burner which cost only MYR6.90. The fragrance oil is sold separately which I think it’s not worth the purchase of MYR3.90 as the scent doesn’t even last 15 minutes!

Anyhow, the main reason I love stalking MR. DIY is for their “AS SEEN ON TV” products. It is really fascinating to find some of these “AS SEEN ON TV” stuffs sold at MR DIY like the gyro bowl, baby moonwalker, garlic crusher, lint remover etc. Yes, they may be a little slow in taking some of these items (probably a few years after its hype) but the price to pay is seriously draw dropping!

Bare LiftsStickers : Front Box Packaging

So this MYR3.30 item that talked about earlier is the Bare Lifts™ stickers. It was a hot item sold by online stores anywhere between MYR20-50 (shipping included). When I first saw it was 3-4 years back (it was only available in Singapore then and the company was looking for distributors in Malaysia). The price was in Singapore Dollars and nowhere near MYR3.30 after conversion. Obviously there was no way I would pay for one but still shared the idea with hubby for fun. So when I was at MR DIY last week, I saw those stickers in the cosmetic aisle I grabbed a box without thinking twice!

Yes, I honestly admit that I still have a problem with impulse buying and am trying very very hard to control. But there are some perks to getting this box because I may still have a rare occasion where I might make these stickers to good use. And the best part is that I don’t have to pay ridiculous prices! I mean, lets’ do the math together: the box of Bare Lifts™ 10 pieces sticker cost MYR4 (round up to the higher Ringgit) plus MYR6 for post laju equals MYR10. Anything else added on top is pure profit! Those online deals shop must be laughing their way to the bank. And mind you that when I buy the stickers from MR. DIY, I’m very sure MR. DIY made some profits already!
Bare LiftsStickers : Back of the Box Packaging

So if there is anyone of you out there looking for Bare Lifts™ sold in Malaysia; or trying to find the cheap Bare Lifts™ in Malaysia, just head out to the nearest MR. DIY with MYR3.30 in hand! Let me warn you beforehand those items are available while stocks last, so don’t come yelling at me if you can’t find them. Just contact MR. DIY customer service via their official website here.

Bare Lifts
This post is NOT paid by MR. DIY or Bare Lifts™. I just felt unfair for those who pay MYR19.90 for a box of stickers which I only paid MYR3.30


  1. I got the Slap chop for less than RM20 form Mr DIY too. It's marvellous. Chopping has never been more fun. It minces meat as well.

    1. Ehh.... URGH.... Why is it that Mr. DIY at PJ/KL has more stuffs! Never saw such item in Penang >.<|||


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