Saturday, April 13, 2013

Being different

While I was reading today's local daily, I came across a section where they publish news articles from other media. It quoted Berita Harian (a local Malay language paper) reporting about a certain local artist dressing weirdly ala Lady Gaga style while attending a local awards event. While Didie Alias remained unfazed by the criticisms, I'll be giving her two thumbs up.
Didie Alias at ABPBH 2012
{Image Source : One News Hub}
Lady Gaga at Brit Awards 2010
{Image Source : DailyMail UK}
Both women (I know... they look like drags) are entertainers / artists, one gets cheered for her creativity while the other gets slammed for thinking out of the box! Personally I don't know who is Didie Alias or her works but her decision to stand out from the sea of artists sure caught my attention. Probably this is the reality check for those who are in the entertainment industry - you are nobody until somebody talks about you.

I don't know about other people, but for me I see this as a good sign for creativity to grow. Many of us have complained about how boring our local advertisement industry is compared to Thailand (myself included), so why complain about someone who is bringing change to the industry? I think Didie Alias's outlandish dress is creating enough buzz for people who are not so interested in the ET-World (EnterTainment World) to take note. I do agree that her ensemble by Farell Mikhail is quite bizarre when everyone is else is accustomed to gowns and black ties, but at the end of the day, she is doing her job - to entertain people!

On the other hand, I'm not expecting every local entertainer try and out-dress Didie Alias to be the next Lady Gaga of Malaysia. Just don't be hyper-ly critical when someone is being different. Creativity has no right or wrong especially in the entertainment industry. I mean hey, cars can still drive, flip and probably blow up when the axel is missing (watch Fast 5 and you'll know what I mean). Just because you have a teacher like the one in this following clip, doesn't mean you have to grow up and be like him too...

Foot note : Didie Alias's dress is designed by Farell Mikhail while Lady Gaga's 2010 Brit Awards dress is by Francesco Scognamiglio


  1. Well said, girl and good for you.

    Unfortunately, attempting to be different in Malaysia will call for a lot of critism which is why we have an amphibian in our now defunct line of ministers. No one sitting in that seat, and I repeat - NO ONE has a brain to think outside the box, unless they are lured by a carrot with dollar signs dripping off it in gold.

    I agree what Lady Gaga and what Didie Alias did was just in the name of entertainment. How else can you scream "Hey, look at me!" in this day and age of modern entertainment. Look at PSY. A perfectly normal looking guy who hit it big time all because he sang down about the Korean rich and danced around like a paralysed horse. Who cares? Not his bank account ...

  2. That is why many Malaysian Chinese will have to go to China, Taiwan or Hong Kong if they are really serious in making it big in the entertainment industry. Otherwise, if they slug it out here they would go no where far...


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